About Me

  Hi, I'm Jenny! :)  I am 26 years old, and I am a polishaholic.

Artistic photo of me, taken by my sister while out to lunch
  Let me tell you how my journey with fingernails started - in between my teeth.  I have been biting my nails since as long as I can remember.  When I was little, if I could go a week without biting them I would get to pick out a new toy.  I didn't get to pick out a new toy very often, haha.   After oh so many years of ugly, painful, bleeding nubs I realized that the only time I was able to keep my nails out of my mouth was when they were painted.  And they had to be nice and fresh, if they got too chipped I would pick at the polish and then bite them - crazy, I know.  One day I was trying to decide whether I wanted to buy a certain polish.  I googled it... and was introduced to the wonderful world of nail blogs!  A little over a month later, I started my own... and here it is! :D

  I am also a medical student, currently in my 3rd year (first clinical year).  I am also finishing up my Master's degree in Pharmacology, and my thesis work is studying new natural drugs that could be used in the treatment of leukemias.  Not sure exactly what I want to practice when I am all finished up, there are so many things I'm interested in!  I am married to my best friend and high school sweetheart Dan - we have been married for over 4 years.  I also have six pets (I know, we live in a zoo).  Leo and Luna are my crazy 4-year-old bengal kitties, whom you may have noticed in the banner, and Nova is our almost 2 year old Schnoodle puppy.

  We also have a blind, mentally challenged garter snake named Silv that we rescued from our backyard - he was dying and I just couldn't stand it, so now he is ours.  He will not eat on his own so I have to tube feed him... but he is a really sweet snake and seems pretty happy, so I am glad to do it!  Finally we have two gerbils, Niko and Nudge

  So there you go, a brief synopsis of my crazy life.  Hope you enjoy Polishology!