Monday, January 30, 2012

Zoya Feel - Swatches and Review

  Sorry I've been rather absent this week, it has been crazy-hectic at work and I have barely had time to even think about my nails.  I am very dilgently setting up posts for the rest of the week right now though, so hopefully I won't have that problem again.  :)  And now on to Zoya Feel, their gorgeous winter neutral collection.  These neutrals are super cozy for winter but also perfectly fresh for spring - I found that I have worn them several times already, either alone or with nail art.  I apologize for the slightly orange sun pictures, these are taken in evening setting sun (I kind of got swatching late this day).  Remember you can always click on pictures to view the full image!


Outdoors, shade
A yellow-toned beige creme.  This is such a pretty nude - I feel like it went perfectly with my skin tone and almost gave me "mannequin-hands" which can be a fun look.  Fresh and clean.  This was two coats.

Outdoors, evening sun

Outdoors, shade
 Rosy pink-toned beige.  This is also really gorgeous, very dainty and feminine.  I really liked this one as well.  Two coats.

Outdoors, evening sun

Outdoors, shade
 A purple-gray creme.  Of the two grays in this collection, this is the lighter of the two (Carey will be next up).  Two coats.

Outdoors, evening sun

Outdoors, shade
 Blue-toned gray creme.  This one is darker than Megan and has more of a blue tint to it.  Two coats.


Outdoors, shade
 Light powder-blue creme.  My absolute favorite of the collection!  Of course that probably has something to do with the fact that I am in love with pretty much all blue polishes.  This one has a slight gray tone to it in certain lights.  Two coats.

Outdoors, evening sun

Outdoors, shade
 Light purple creme with slight gray tones.  This is another that looks a bit different depending on the lighting.  Very pretty and soft.  Two coats.

Outdoors, evening sun
Overall Review

I completely loved this collection.  Normally in a collection of all neutrals I find that at least one or two shades don't quite work with my skin tone, but personally I really liked all of these.  I have worn almost all of them at least once as a full manicure and I know they will continue to get a lot of use.  My absolute favorite is Kristen, but pretty much all of the colors in this collection are gorgeous.
I have read a few complaints on formula on this collection and honestly, I am a bit confused - I didn't really seem to have any noticeable issues with these.  All were opaque in two coats, evened out nicely, and I didn't really have a difficult time with application.  Perhaps they were slightly on the thick side when compared with some of my other Zoya cremes, but I don't really feel like this caused me any problems.

Overall I adored this collection and know that these colors will continue to get a lot of use over the years.  Great job, Zoya!

DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post was provided to Polishology by Zoya for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Congratulations, Giveaway Winner!

  I love doing giveaways for you all, as a way to thank you for your interest and participation in Polishology.  While I started this blog for me, it wouldn't still be here if it wasn't for all of you - so thank you!  I had a lot of fun looking through your New Year's Resolutions - hopefully we can all stick with them.  I will share a few of mine, but first here is what you are all waiting for.  :)  There were approximately 340 people entered in the giveaway, amounting to over 1000 total entries.  I used random.org to generate one random number for out winner, and with a lucky number of 215 the winner is....

May Shum

Her resolution - "Stay in touch with people- it's too risky to fall out of touch with friends and family!"

  That is such a great resolution, and one I really identified with.  I actually added it to my own list.  Here are a few of my resolutions for the new year:

1) Start exercising, eating healthier, and lose weight (I would love to lose 20-30 lbs this year)

2) Start sleeping on a more regular schedule

3) Make a lot of progress towards finishing my dissertation project in the lab

4) Not have a full-blown nail biting blowout (all nails gone) a single time this year - I had 2 last year :(

5) Make sure I see family and friends more often.  I want to finally have my grandparents over to my house!

  I have a lot of other things I would like to get done, but here are some basic goals for myself for the year.  Hopefully 2012 will be a great year for us all.  Thanks again for following - new nails will be back up Wednesday!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Mini Haul and Last Day For Giveaway!

  In the comments of my last giveaway, I had several people say they would like to see some haul posts.  Honestly, I don't buy much polish anymore (because I have a lot and because of budgeting) so usually I only buy one, maybe two at a time.  Well, here is a mini-haul for you.  Last night I had to go get some antimicrobial ointment for Silv (he is not doing so well right now) at CVS, and I stumbled across these lovelies.

  Somehow I completely missed the memo on this Sally Hansen Gem Crush Collection!  I didn't even know they existed, so I was pretty pumped to find them.  I got four; Showgirl Chic, Glitz Gal, Be-Jeweled, and Lady Luck.  Several of the polishes reminded me of China Glaze Eye Candy colors - but I somehow never got around to getting those so it works for me!  They are really pretty, I can't wait to wear them!

  Also, don't forget that today is the last day to enter my giveaway!  Click here to enter if you haven't already!

  For fun, here is a picture from last night of my pretty and sick snake, Silv.  Sometimes I can't believe he is still with us 15 months later, after we rescued him with severe head trauma.  Hopefully this ointment will help clear up his mouth infection.  He is a good snake!  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Black Knight

  Here is a really fun manicure I wore for several days last week - I just couldn't get enough of it!  I probably would have worn it longer but I absentmindedly picked off one of the thumbnails during a movie - in (almost) one piece, which is kind of fun, haha.

Outdoor, shade
  The base of this mani is Butter London The Black Knight, which is totally and completely gorgeous.  It is a black base full of glitter, mostly pink and blue, but there are also a few scattered golds, reds and greens in there as well.  The glitters are also different sizes, with some normal sized and some very small, which gives it great depth.  It was just a tad thick but mostly applied very well in two coats.  It dries gritty, but two coats of top coat smoothed that out.

  For stamping, I used Red Angel plate RA-102 and Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes in Brisk Blue and Flashy Fuchsia.  The Insta-Dri polishes work really well for stamping, they are some of my new favorites!  Below are a few pictures of Black Knight by itself.

   Isn't it just gorgeous?  I want to go put it back on now.  It came in a cute little set I found at Ulta with another pink glitter polish I will have to try soon.  It is really unique and I am so glad I picked this one up!  :)

  If you haven't yet entered my giveaway, click here to enter!  Deadline is this Friday!

Monday, January 16, 2012

OPI Muppets Collection - The Glitters!

  Okay, this is a couple of days later than I said, but I am still sick.  Arg.  Anyway, here is the second half of the OPI Muppets Holiday 2011 collection - the glitters!  Originally, I was the most excited for these glitters, although in the end... well, they were not everything I had hoped for, but they are still fun.  And there was an unexpected favorite that I love!  I did these swatches a bit different - on index, middle, and pinkie fingers, I did three coats of the glitter by itself.  On the ring finger, I did one coat of glitter over a matching or complimentary base color.  All are shown with top coat.  Enjoy!

Gone Gonzo!

Outdoor, natural light
 Turquoise-blue small glitter with silver large hex glitter suspended in a clear base.  I felt this one covered a bit better in three coats.  Ring finger is one coat over OPI Austin-tatious Turqouise.

Fresh Frog of Bel Air

Natural Light
 Medium green  small glitter and silver large hex glitter in clear base.  Ring finger is one coat over Zoya Ivanka.  The green really accentuates my yellowed nails... haha.

Divine Swine

Natural Light
 Magenta-purple small glitter, large silver hex glitter in clear base.  Ring finger is one coat over OPI The One That Got Away.

Gettin Miss Piggy With It

Natural Light
 This one has red small glitter and large silver hex glitter in a clear base.  However, it also seems to have some slightly pinkish large hex glitter in it as well, giving it a touch of added depth.  Ring finger is one coat over OPI An Affair in Red Square.

Rainbow Connection

Natural Light
 This one is full of small and large rainbow glitter.  It has a wide variety of colors included in the rainbow glitter, and seems to cover a bit better than the other glitters on its own.  Ring finger is shown over Sally Hansen Xtreme Black Out.  Very similar to DL Happy Birthday, but different.  A dupe for Nicole by OPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie.

Excuse Moi!

Natural Light
 My surprise absolute favorite of the entire 12-piece collection.  This medium pink covers very well in three coats (and all four fingers are three coats of it alone, unlike the others).  It is full of silver and pink microglitter, and then topped off with a bunch of medium-sized multicolor glitter.  This is such a gorgeous color!  I wore it for my third anniversary.  Simply amazing.

Overall Review

I was a tiny bit disappointed in how sheer most of these glitter were, but they are still very fun for layering over other polishes, or even over other glitters from the collection for a fun and different look.  My choice for one must-have polish is of course Excuse Moi, although since I didn't have any rainbow glitters before personally I am also a big fan of Rainbow Connection.  I feel like I am maybe getting a bit glittered out?  I didn't know it was possible but it might be happening.  However, these are fun glitters and Excuse Moi is amazing.  Overall, I was pleased with the entire 12-piece collection.  Now I need to see that movie when it comes out for rent!  :) 

DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post was provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.

Friday, January 13, 2012

OPI Muppets Collection - The Shimmers!

  Finally, I have swatches of the OPI Muppets Collection for you!  Getting to all of these swatches has been so crazy, between being busy with family, short peeling nails, and now being sick for three weeks.  Ugh, this has been awful - sinusitis = no fun.  It hurts to look at this screen.  Anyway, now on to these wonderful polishes!

Designer, Da Better!

Shimmery silver metallic foil with copper flecks.  This is really pretty, and very unique as far as I am aware.

Warm and Fozzie

This is another really interesting foil.  The main look it gives off is a rosy-bronze: it has brown/bronze particles, pinkish/red particles, as well as gold particles.  It is a very interesting color to look at up close (I recommend clicking this one to see the larger image).  Very pretty.


This is a really pretty red with glowing shimmer particles that make the color shift depending on how the light hits it.  I am not always huge on reds but I do love this one!

Wocka Wocka!

This is a deeper, blue-toned red with a very subtle shimmer.  It was difficult to capture the shimmer in photos, so it looks like a creme here, but there is a subtle shimmer.  A nice color, although personally a bit too bold of a red for me I think.

Meep Meep Meep

My favorite of the entire collection!  This is a gorgeous fuchsia packed with glass-fleck shimmer particles.  This one really sparkles in the sun.  Totally gorgeous.

Meep Meep Meep in sunlight
Pepe's Purple Passion

Another gorgeous glass-fleck shimmer polish.  This is a deep wine purple with amazing shimmer from the flecks, which give a pinkish-gold flash to the polish in the sun.

Pepe's Purple Passion in sunlight

Overall Review

I really enjoyed this half of the collection - all of the polishes applied well, in either 2-3 coats.  Wocka Wocka is probably the least unique, but still pretty, and the other five are completely gorgeous.  If I had to pick one must-have from this half, I would go with Meep Meep Meep - but again, they are all really nice.  Overall this half was a big hit for me!  I was originally looking forward to the glitters more than the shimmer but strangely enough, I think the shimmers may have won out.  Although there is one glitter in particular that is a must-have as well... click here to see the glitters!

DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post was provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tangled Inspired Nails

  I did these nails awhile ago, and I kind of forgot about them - I never got around to taking actual good pictures, so unfortunately all I have for you is a somewhat questionable iPhone pic in bad lighting.  But I thought the nails were fun so I decided to go ahead and share.

  These nails were inspired by the Disney movie Tangled, which has become one of my very favorite Disney movies.  I used the gold and purple colors of the kingdom in the movie as well as the sun motif.  I started off with Sally Hansen Xtreme Golden Child for the goldenrod color, with Zoya Dannii on the ring finger.  I put the (sort-of) sun on my ring finger using Golden Child as well.  For the stamping, I used Color Club Wild at Heart and BM214 for the intricate design on all but the ring finger, and BM01 for the purple sun on the ring finger.  Finally, tips were added using m19.  I thought the BM214 image looked very.. imperial.. perfect for this princess-inspired mani.  I love Tangled!  I want to go watch it again now.  Rapunzel is my new favorite Disney princess.  :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

Let's Go Bowling!

  Today my Wildcats play in the Cottonbowl in Dallas - and I am lucky enough to get to go!  Dan and I are heading down as we speak with my parents and my sister.  My older sister, brother-in-law, and the adorable baby are already there (they live there) and we are all headed to the game tonight.  I am not sure what the outcome will be.. but I will be cheering on the cats!  To pump up my K-State spirit, I decided to do some Wildcat nails - freehand style.  :)

  For these nails I started out with OPI Funky Dunky as a base on all but the index finger, which is Sally Hansen Xtreme White On.  For the base of the Willie the Wildcat head I was going to use Zoya Kelly, but it was a bit dark - so it is a mix of Zoya Kelly and Zoya Casey.  The lighter fur is Zoya Casey.  The eyes were done with a dotting tool.  The "KSU" on the index was done with Casey and Funky Dunky, and the football with OPI Cheyenne Pepper.  Stamping done with Konad plate m57, Konad white, and Zoya Casey to fill in some spots.

  This is my second attempt at freehand, and I think it turns out pretty well.  The animal (hopefully) looks a bit more like what I was initially intending - a wildcat - and not an otter.  One thing I have learned from my experience with freehand nail art is that I am definitely not ambidextrous.  For now I will spare you the small sad kitty and deflated football on my right hand, haha.  Hopefully I will get better in time.  I am so impressed by all of you ladies who are so good at freehand, it is tough!  I am having fun learning though.

Go Cats!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Year's Eve Polish - A Long Time Lemming!

  You know how there are some polishes on your lemming list that you kind of just assume you will probably never own?  Guess how shocked I was to receive one such polish on Christmas from my amazing sister Becky!

Gorgeous and amazing.  In shade
  OPI Mad As A Hatter is from the Alice in Wonderland collection - a collection that contains my all-time favorite polish, Absolutely Alice, which I credit for my entry into the world of the nail polish obsessed.  Now, I actually saw MAAH in stores, but at the time I was more... normal... and I generally only bought one new polish every couple of months, so I only bought Alice.  Imagine my dismay when MAAH became a huge lemming for me, the elusive multi-colored glitter that I just couldn't justify buying on evilBay.  Thanks so much to Becky for getting it for me - I would have never let myself buy it, no matter how much I wanted it!

Close-up of glitters
  Mad As A Hatter is a multi-colored macro glitter polish in a clear base.  Primarily, it looks silver - although it can also look kind of purple or blue as well.  It has so many different colors in it, which you can see above - blue, magenta, red, gold, and green among the silver can be spotted.  It is completely stunning and definitely one I find myself staring at.

Sparkling in sunlight
  I'm thrilled that this beautiful glitter is part of my collection.  I almost did a design over it but couldn't bring myself to cover it up, at least not this first time.  Next time I might layer one coat over something else (this is three coats) so that I can save it as long as possible.  Thanks again, B - I love it!  :)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Polish for a New Year Giveaway!

  Happy New Year!  I hope everyone is off to a fantastic start to 2012 - I know I am enjoying the new year so far.  I apologize for my general absence over the holidays, but I have been quite busy visiting family and didn't have a lot of time to play with polish - I was too busy playing with my adorable niece who was here to visit.  But I promise to get back to regularly scheduled postings in the new year.  And what better way to start the new year off than a giveaway?

  For this giveaway, the prize will be one full set of the Holiday Glitters from Nicole by OPI - you can see my swatches and review of these beauties here.   Just fill our the form below before the deadline of January 20th.  I will pick the winner by random number generator shortly after that deadline - as soon as I have time to compile all entries!  This giveaway will be open internationally, and you must be a GFC follower to enter.  I am going to keep entries fairly simple on this one so it is easier to go through for me - and easier to enter for you!  Good luck to all who enter!