Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My New Year's Eve Polish - A Long Time Lemming!

  You know how there are some polishes on your lemming list that you kind of just assume you will probably never own?  Guess how shocked I was to receive one such polish on Christmas from my amazing sister Becky!

Gorgeous and amazing.  In shade
  OPI Mad As A Hatter is from the Alice in Wonderland collection - a collection that contains my all-time favorite polish, Absolutely Alice, which I credit for my entry into the world of the nail polish obsessed.  Now, I actually saw MAAH in stores, but at the time I was more... normal... and I generally only bought one new polish every couple of months, so I only bought Alice.  Imagine my dismay when MAAH became a huge lemming for me, the elusive multi-colored glitter that I just couldn't justify buying on evilBay.  Thanks so much to Becky for getting it for me - I would have never let myself buy it, no matter how much I wanted it!

Close-up of glitters
  Mad As A Hatter is a multi-colored macro glitter polish in a clear base.  Primarily, it looks silver - although it can also look kind of purple or blue as well.  It has so many different colors in it, which you can see above - blue, magenta, red, gold, and green among the silver can be spotted.  It is completely stunning and definitely one I find myself staring at.

Sparkling in sunlight
  I'm thrilled that this beautiful glitter is part of my collection.  I almost did a design over it but couldn't bring myself to cover it up, at least not this first time.  Next time I might layer one coat over something else (this is three coats) so that I can save it as long as possible.  Thanks again, B - I love it!  :)


  1. What an amazing present, congratulations! It's so gorgeous (of course).

  2. What an amazing sister you have! You are a lucky lucky girl!

  3. You lucky girl! This looks really pretty.

  4. Lucky!! It looks gorgeous on you :)

    I saw this polish in stores but like you, I was more normal. I actually read more about polish than actually wearing so I didn't pick it up... I regret that!! :P

  5. Such a cute polish and so much glitter ;)

  6. You have one awesome sister! I hope you got her something just as great :)
    Also, I hope that is a real OPI ;)