Saturday, February 5, 2011

Grayscale Nails with Dove and Kelly

  I have another gorgeous shade from the Zoya Intimate Spring Collection to share with you today - paired up with her darker cousin from the Fall collection.  These were my "Blizzard Day 2011" nails, that I did on Tuesday while 14 inches of snow was dumped on us and we were trapped in our house.  :)

Indoors, natural lighting, no flash
  Zoya Dove is a light gray creme - it is really "dove" gray, for lack of a better term!  Absoultely stunning on the nail, and very sophisticated and classy.  This took three coats for me, but only because I messed up and put one nail on way too thin, so this easily could have been a two-coater.  Application was deliciously smooth, evened out beautifully, and dried quickly!  Here is a picture of Dove alone:

Indoors, natural light, no flash
  For the pattern, I used Zoya Kelly, Dove's older cousin from the Fall collection, and Konad plate m78.  I really loved the gray-on-gray combination.  I find myself really loving these more neutral colors a lot, which is funny because back before I became obsessed with polish I probably never would have thought to wear them.  Now they seem to be some of my absolute favorites!


  1. you are a genius - that is a fantastic combo

  2. love the color, love the stamping...great mani :-D

  3. you are so good at konading! i could never line the stamp up that well!

  4. I'm so jealous that you have the new collex already-looks great!

  5. Totally awesome combination, love it!

  6. Love it! Subtle, and I like the grayscale idea.

  7. Thanks everyone! Glad you like it - this was one of my favorites in awhile. However I cannot take credit for the color combo idea, that was from...



  8. this combination is practically perfect. love it!