Friday, May 27, 2011

OPI Serena Williams Grand Slam - Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter

Okay, so I didn't quite get around to posting the next day, haha.  More like two weeks later almost?  Oops.  Nova is.. quite a handful.  Now I am getting ready to go on vacation!  It is 5:20 in the morning and I am still up, packing and cleaning and making preparations for leaving all of my animals - and my blog!  I am going to set up some posts to automatically post while I am gone.  I am going to try to start making a habit of auto-posting, setting up posts on the weekends to post throughout the following week.  I think that will help ensure no more of these lags when life gets too busy!

  Also, thank you all so much for entering the Zoya giveaway!  I was hoping to have time to get through the entries and pick the winner before I left but unfortunately it looks like it will have to wait, so the winner will be picked the first week of June.

  Now, on to the polish!  Today I want to share with you OPI's second recently released Serena combo, Rally Pretty Pink and Red Shatter!

Outdoors, shade, no flash
   Rosy pink packed with gold flecks, giving this a gorgeous duochrome aspect!  I love this color a lot.  Similar to how I loved another color that was recently released... maybe from Zoya?  If you are looking at this and thinking "Zoya Faye," I have to agree that they are similar.  But that doesn't make the polish any less stunning.  This was three coats for full coverage and applied very nicely!

Outdoors, full sun
Showing some of that golden duochrome
  Packaged with Rally Pretty Pink was Red Shatter, which is an almost jelly-like shatter polish with a satin finish.

Outdoors, shade
  I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this combo.  On the one hand it is kind of nice, but I feel like there are many other polishes I would like better under Red Shatter.  I kind of oscillate between loving this and hating it.  However I really like each of the two polishes on their own!  Just not completely sure how I feel about the combo.  Overall two very nice polishes.   

What do you think of the combination?  If you could pick what would you pair with either of these?

Edit:  I had a bit of pet trouble and was totally not able to make more posts for this week... so sorry about that!  I promise that as soon as I get back, Polishology will be back up and running on a regular basis.  Thanks so much for understanding! :)

 DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post  were provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.

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