Monday, November 28, 2011

Can't Resist Temptation

  When I saw the promo pics for the latest OPI DS shades, I knew that Temptation was going to quickly become a favorite of my collection.  I was not wrong.

Outdoors, shade
  As is often the case with purples, these pictures don't quite do this polish justice.  It is a bit more reddish-toned and way more sparkly, but at least this will give you some idea.  This polish is actually a very sheer navy base, completely full of purple, pink, and blue glitter (predominantly purple).  The final effect is simply stunning.

  This polish sparkles no matter what lighting you have it in, and it is so easy to catch yourself staring at it.  And, of course, it is perfect for K-State games (which I have already worn it to once, haha).  Overall an amazing addition to the DS line.  I highly recommend it!  I will review the other new addition, Bold, a bit later.

DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post  were provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company


  1. This looks really pretty, I must admit I knew I'd like this one when I saw the promo pics too!

  2. Very pretty! I do like the color, but the finish looks a little bumpy to me - I'm a little picky about that...don't mind me. :)

  3. it does have a gritty looking finish, but it's a gorgeous gorgeous shade!

  4. A really noce color, but not worthy to be called DS )=

  5. This is so pretty! I love it!