Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy First Birthday, Nova!

  Nova turned one on Monday!  It has been a bit of a crazy year, raising a puppy - kind of like a practice-baby, haha.  For someone who has never had a dog before, it was frustrating at times, but she has grown into a (mostly) very well behaved little pooch and we are so glad we added her to our family!  :D

Nova and her Birthday cake!
We let her sniff at the whole thing a bit before we cut her off a chunk to eat
  I thought that a great way to honor my cute little puppy for her birthday would be to wear her namesake polish, Zoya Nova!

Outdoors, shade
   I borrowed this pinkish-purple glitterbomb from Becky, and somehow after sitting around for several months is has turned totally watery - which is interesting, since normally the glitters I have get thicker over time, not thinner.  Any thoughts on that one?  Because of this I actually layered Zoya Nova over Zoya Rihana, a pretty perfectly matching shade.  Then I used Zoya Trixie and Red Angel plate RA 101 to add the tips.  Finally, I used Butter London The Black Knight to add cute little paw prints on my ring finger and thumb using a dotting tool.

Outdoors, sun
  Nova is a gorgeous color - while the glitter is a silvery light pink, the base is a sheer fuchsia, and when layered the glitter takes on many different colors, giving the polish a lot of depth.  A great polish with an equally great name!  Happy Birthday to my sweet puppy - it has been a great first year and I look forward to many more years to come!

Tired after a birthday run with her Daddy :)


  1. Happy Birthday Nova:-) these nails are super cute, and I love the little cake!

  2. Happy birthday Nova! She's cute.

  3. Happy Birthday Nova, she's adorable!!!

  4. Aww. That puppy is adorable! Happy Birthday!

  5. Awwwww she's such a doll <3 Happy Birthday to her! Love the nails you wore for the occasion too :)