Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Liquid Crystal

  Here is one of the amazing polishes from the China Glaze Prismatics collection - my personal favorite from the collection!

Outdoors, natural light
  Liquid Crystal has a gorgeous base of medium blue with purple duochrome flash and is filled with medium-sized rainbow hex glitter.  While I was a little bit bummed when I initially found out that these polishes were not holographic (as they claim to be), duochrome with rainbow glitter is still pretty good!  Pretty smooth application for a glitter, I used three coats for full coverage.  It was a bit hard to do justice the the duochrome with the camera, but here is a slightly better shot.

Close-up of purple flash
   Once again, while these are not holographic and that was a little sad, they are still really pretty and the prominent purple flash on this one makes it my favorite.  I think the rainbow glitter is really fun as well.  Love this polish!


  1. This is really nice! I couldn't get it because it was sold out but I got Prism and Optical Illusion instead. Should try them soon!

  2. Liquid Crystal is gorgeous... it's the only one I need still!