Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Claire's Awesome/Silly Mood Polish

First off, let me say thank you SO much to the people that have commented, followed, and added me to your blog roll.  I really appreciate you helping me to get a good start in the world of nail blogs!  I am planning on doing a giveaway for our one month anniversary, and I will probably give out extra entries for being one of our first X followers (haven't decided the number yet).  But again, thank you, it makes me so happy to know that somebody out there wants to listen to what I have to say!  :)

Last night I tried out my new Claire's Mood Polish.  I picked up four of these when I was at the mall with my little sister Becky last week, and this is the first I have tried.  I also added some Konad from a new plate I got on the same mall trip.

Indoors, Artificial Light, No Flash
Awesome/Silly is a light pink/dark pink combo of color-changing polish; light when warm, dark when cool.  It has the tiniest hint of shimmer to it as well.  I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the polish, having been spoiled by using almost exclusively OPI for several years.  The formula went on a little streaky, and in the end I used 4 coats for complete coverage, although 3 was almost adequate.  The finish is a bit matte, so the drying time was super speedy - I was very pleased with this aspect, and made the multiple coat application not nearly as annoying.  After the full 4 coats everything looked nice a smooth!  I used Seche Vite as the topcoat here - I used one coat after just the color, and then another coat after I decided to Konad.

The color changing aspect is a lot of fun.  I have just barely long enough nails that normally, I have almost all light pink nails with slightly darker tips.

Here you can see the darker colored tips of the nails
It is a lot of fun to watch the color change when you wash your hands.

After cold water
After warm water

The next morning - Indoors, Natural Light, No Flash

For the Konad, I used plate m78 with Konad Special White polish.  I did a lot better this time with the design not smearing - and Seche Vite works wonders with Konad!  However, I did have some problems picking up all of the hearts in the design on some of the nails, which was frustrating.  But overall I find these nails cute and kind of simple.  I wanted to do a light pink and white design since I am going to meet my baby niece tomorrow.  I am very excited to be an aunt!  On that note, I am not sure how much I will be posting from now until Tuesday.  I will be bringing down some nail stuff, to probably redo mine at some point as well as hopefully find time to pamper my stressed out big sister Christy, but not sure whether I will get things posted or not.  So if I am not back until Tuesday, don't give up on me!  I will definitely be back with some awesome new nails to show you early next week.  :D


  1. Love this manicure, especially the Konading :-)

  2. Right, design is great :)
    And would be better if you clean you cuticles up ;)

  3. Thanks so much, glad you guys like i!

    That is definitely the thing I want to try to work on next, is applying a cleaner manicure. My issue has always been that in the past, if there is like *any* nail showing I will end up picking at the polish, picking it off and then biting the nail. So I have always erred on the side of just being messy to get the nail covered, and it usually cleans up decently after a few hand washes or a shower... haha. But I really want to try to get the application in the future, so there is not so much cleanup necessary. :)