Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Purple Mist and Swirls- Older Konadicures

I realized today that I never got around to showing you my nails, or my sister's toenails, from when I was down visiting last week!  So tonight I will share these with you.

Outdoors, partial sun, no flash
This is three coats of OPI The Color to Watch, a gorgeous shimmery lilac purple.  I really love this color a lot; it is very pretty on the nail.  The application and dry time was very nice as well.  Over this, I used Konad plate m64 with Nicole by OPI Positive Energy, which I have found to be a great stamping silver.  I was still experimenting with Konad here, and on this mani was trying to find the perfect scraping strength to apply to get the best results.  Therefore, the Konad is a little messy here since it was all experimental.  But still I found that this looked very pretty, and was a delicate wispy pattern and color combo.  I enjoyed it a lot!

I also did my sister's toes while I was visiting.  Toes are harder with Konad, since there is no way that the pattern is going to fit on a big toe (at least not any of the people I have tried so far!) so you have to put the pattern on multiple times.  I think for the most part this worked out for me, although there is a tiny bit of a gap.

Indoors, artificial light, no flash
Outdoors, partial sun, no flash
For her toes, I used three coats of Orly Out Of This World (two probably would have sufficed), which is a gorgeous dark purple with duochrome effect.  The duochrome in this polish is less than with Space Cadet, but it is still very gorgeous.  It is harder to get pictures of, especially on toes, and with the Konad pattern - I will be using it on my nails soon, I am sure!  I used Konad plate m65 with Konad Special White for the pattern, which I mostly got lined up on that big toe!  This was done very late at night when I was very tired as well, so it is a tad more messy than usual, but oh well!  Overall some very cute toes.  I am sure she is probably still wearing these.  :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, Jenny!! This mani pedi combo is fantastic!!! It inspires me to get out my Konad (I think I may even tonight, as much as I should be sleeping instead!).

    Your header is so totally adorable too :D You cat is gorgeous!!

  2. I'm totally impressed with stamping toenails!!! You are DA BOMB!!! :)

  3. Brooke - Thanks so much! :D I am really enjoying the Konad system, even if I am still learning. And thanks, that is my Bengal Luna, she is pretty adorable. Her brother Leo is also a cutie, I need to get a picture of him up here at some point!

    Kimberly - Thank you! It is harder to do that big toe, but it can look pretty good with the right pattern and some careful placement.

  4. Hi


    I saw your blog from http://thephalangesfiles.blogspot.com/ and then I saw a pH D in pharmacology in your profile so of course I had to follow you. sure not super related but in my undergrad I worked for a drug company and performed pharmocokinetics experiments..and need to get back into that. I miss it. anyways I love finding science people with nail polish interests =)

    konading on toes? full image ? that's impossible. but I see you did it. now I ahve to try it

  5. That is really cool! I wasn't so sure about pharmacology at first, but I am really enjoying it. I am looking at natural plant extracts as drugs for leukemia, it's a lot of fun. I am glad to have to following!

    Glad you like the toes! There is a bit of a gap in the pattern between two different stampings but overall it turned out pretty well!

  6. la la love these toes! and have i told you that i am soooo jealous of your blog name?! it's perfection! and i'm a psychology student and totes wish i thought of that. uhhh except i was doing dental hygiene when i started my blog...uhhh haha ;)