Thursday, March 3, 2011

Me + Blue + Butterflies

  Things have still been a little crazy lately here, but I promise to get back on track with posting!  Unfortunately, I also had a really nasty nail break yesterday... which lead to the total dissolution of my nail biting promise.  After biting a couple of other nails off I quickly rushed to my campus bookstore, bought some nail clippers and clipped the rest off, to avoid biting them.  So sad... now I have itty bitty nubbins.  They will grow back eventually though!

  Here is a beautiful polish from the first half of Nicole by OPI's Justin Bieber Collection - Me + Blue.  Back when I still had long pretty nails... ;)

Indoors, artificial light, no flash
  Gorgeous medium blue full of holographic glitter - I love this one!  This was three coats, although two probably would have been plenty.  This was not really very bumpy, and removed very easily, for a glitter - I was very impressed.  For the design, I added the butterflies using Color Club Worth the Risque and Konad plate m78.  I added small pink rhinestones to the center of the large butterflies!

  Giveaway winners will be announced tomorrow.  Sorry for the long wait!  I will also have swatches of the second half of Justin Bieber soon.. :)


  1. Wow ! I loved ! the butterflies are amazing! Me+Blue seems like a night starry...

  2. Ho gorgeous!!
    I love this mani!

  3. looking forward to the giveaway winners :)

    i wish this polish wasn't justin bieber.
    i mentioned on my blog once that i had to buy one of the colors, despite the fact that it was bieber-based!! hahaha

  4. Beautiful color (and nails)! Don't worry they will grow back soon, maybe keeping them polished will help you from biting (I tend to unconsciously nibble my nails when I'm nervous and if they are polished I'm more careful) :-)

  5. This is a beautiful mani!!
    I'm proud that you didn't relapse all the way on the biting. And don't worry..they'll be back before ya know it! ^_^

  6. this is really just beautiful i really love this one ...great job!

  7. I'm the same, if i didnt paint my nails, I'd bite them all off! this is a lovely manicure, i love sparkly blues! :D
    Emily @emilysnailfiles

  8. Cute! Your nails are fantastic!