Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OPI Pirates of the Caribbean - Swatches and Reviews

  I am sure most of you have seen this gorgeous collection by now, but for those who haven't or who want a second look, here it is!  This fabulous collection of cremes and a silver sparkly shatter were released to coincide with the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie - which I still have not seen but would really like to!  While some say this collection doesn't really "fit" with the Pirates theme I disagree - these totally make me think of sailing out on the open sea and mysterious tropical islands!  All colors shown with no base coat, with top coat.  No top coat on the shatter pictures (although you will want to use a topcoat for normal wear).

Skull and Glossbones

A pale ivory creme.  Three coats, very nice application - which I was a bit worried about with how light it is.  This is a really gorgeous neutral!

With Silver Shatter.  This polish is a bit too pale to really pop under the shatter.

Stranger Tides

Pale sage green creme.  I wasn't so sure about this color at first but I really love it on!  This one also took three coats for a full opaque finish.

With Silver Shatter.  Still a bit pale in my opinion for this duo.

Steady As She Rose

Pale rosy pink creme.  This pink has a bit of a purple tone to it as well.  I really like this as a light, soft feminine color.  This was two coats, again applied beautifully (like all of the polishes in this collection...)

With Silver Shatter.  Starting to get a bit more contrast between the base and the shatter, so I am starting to like it more and more!

Sparrow Me The Drama

Bright... yet somehow dusty.. pink creme.  I really like this color - there is something about the color that makes it bright but not too bright and in your face and it is bold and just very pretty.  Yea that makes no sense, I know, haha.  But it is a very pretty pink.  Two coats here.

With Silver Shatter.  Really starting to love these combos!  I think the silver really pops over this one.

Planks A Lot

Medium purple creme. This has a lot of blue tones in it.  Very pretty dusty pastel color.  Two coats.

With Silver Shatter.  Love this combo as well!

Mermaid Tears

Dusty turquoise creme. I also liked this one quite a bit.  Two coats.

With Silver Shatter - another great combo

Overall Review

I really like this collection - I find the collection of muted dusty pastel cremes to be rather unique in my polish collection.  And I love Silver Shatter - it is probably my favorite shatter from OPI yet!  While it loses its impact a bit on the lighter colors it looks really great over some of the bolder colors of the collection.  I can't wait to see how it will look over some other darker colors as well!  Overall this was a really great collection, and I loved pretty much every polish in it!  There is something about a nice collection of cremes that is so simple and pure and satisfying!

DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post  were provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.


  1. Those look like great colors! I don't have any from this collection. Not sure if I'll pick them up or not. Haven't made up my mind yet. But they look awesome on you. I think I like Sparrow Me The Drama with Silver Shatter the best. :)

  2. I love that combo as well - all of the last three are really pretty though. I have a simple Konad I did with Sparrow Me The Drama that I will post on Friday. I think it might be my favorite. You might need it. ;)

  3. I absolutely LOVE this collection, the only one I picked up was Planks-a-lot (I don't usually wear purple though) and it was gorgeous!!! The next one on my wishlist is Mermaid Tears...

    BTW, I replied to the email you sent me (giveaway)

  4. There isn't one color from this collection I don't like. And I'm not really a creme fan. Silver Shatter is my favorite shatter right now too.

  5. I was so impressed with the collection, I'm so glad I got all of the colors!

  6. love this collection! gorgeous colors and nice swatches!

  7. i got mermaids tale and silver shatter yesterday! i love them :) (reminds me.. i need to do a haul post.. lol). I was originally going to get Planks a Lot & Sparrow Me The Drama but i changed my mind!.. now i wish I did get them! lolll

    please check out my blog when you can :)