Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pirates Pink Flowers

  Dan and I have been having an emotionally rough week... we are trying to decide whether we should keep Nova or give her to my in-laws.  We absolutely adore her but we are worried we will not have enough time for her when we go back to med school/residency (think: 80 hr work weeks).  They love her, she and their dog get along amazingly and she is so happy there.  It is tough to decide, especially since I know I need to put her best interests ahead of my own... it is a very tough decision.  We are on "trial separation" right now and I miss her like crazy.  Any advice?

  On a happier side here is a simple fauxnad from a few weeks ago with OPI Sparrow Me the Drama.

  After two coats of the base color, I used Bundle Monster plate BM12 and Zoya Areej to create the flowers. I really like the pink combo here!  A cute and simple mani, perfect for summer.

  Just a quick picture to remind you of how adorable my puppy is.  :(


  1. If you honestly don't think that you can give her the attention she needs, then she should go with your in-laws. I know it will be hard, but it's the best thing for her, and really, it'll be best for you too. Think about how much more stressed out you will be trying to meet her needs while fulfilling your school obligations. And if you fail at it, you'll feel horribly guilty too.
    Either way though, it is a tough decision and I hope you can be happy with whatever road you take. Good luck girl! *hug*

  2. I really like the pink-on-pink. There's a nice contrast between the colors, so the Konad really stands out :)

    I'm following you!

  3. loving the mani :) very cute and summery!

  4. ouu the pirate colour loooks a lot darker than what i thought from online.. hmm maybe i gotta pop over to the nail polish store to take a better look!

    love the nails btw ;D its very cute!! xx