Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dusty Purples - Comparison

  This is a comparison I did not because I thought the polishes were dupes, because they clearly are not, but simply to see on the nail exactly what the differences are.  This spring I squired three dusty purples and wanted to look at them all next to each other - I thought somebody else might find this interesting as well, so here you go.  :)

OPI Planks A Lot, OPI Parlez Vous OPI?, Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid
Outdoors, shade

  OPI Planks A Lot is clearly the brightest of the bunch, and compared to the other two hardly looks "dusty" at all, but compared to a more bright purple it definitely is.  OPI Parlez-Vous OPI? is the darkest of the three, and definitely has the more muted dusty look as compared to Planks a Lot.  Cult Nails My Kind of Cool Aid is the lightest, and also the most grayed out of all three purples (Grurple?).  It is also the only of these three with a subtle shimmer; the others are cremes.

Outdoors, sunlight
  These differences are the same yet more pronounced in sunlight.  I used two coats for each here, and application was very nice and smooth on all three of these polishes.  They are all very nice dusty purples, and each definitely has its own special place in my collection!


  1. thanks for this comparison post! I love this kind of swatches! it's so useful so thanks a lot!
    My favorite is Planks A Lot! ;D

  2. I love these type of colours! I own the two opi's and they're brilliant!

  3. Thanks for the comparison. The colors are very similar. I am new to your blog! Loving it!