Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Milani Cyberspace

  We recently went through an insanely hot few weeks.. it was so hot out Nova didn't want to go outside to do her business, heh.  Hot and sunny... and what is the best thing to do with sun?  Wear holo polish, of course! :)

  This is Milani Cyberspace, a gorgeous sky blue holographic polish, with scattered holo effect.  I love this one - light blue is one of my favorite colors, and of course holos are always fun.  Application was great, three coats for full opacity with super fast dry time.

  While it does lose that holo glow in the shade, it still has a very nice glittery look to it - and it is still that fabulous light blue color!  I got one more of these (the light green), but I may have to go back and get me a couple more.  I was very pleased with this one!