Thursday, September 29, 2011


  Hey guys, I wanted to pop my head in and let you know I am still alive.  It has been a bit of a crazy last couple of weeks.  From several very late nights in the lab followed by early mornings... bringing home new pets, to another pet having a medical emergency... family birthdays to family funerals.  My Papa passed away on Sunday and it has been a little tough on me.  I have been lucky enough never to have anyone close to me die before - until now all four grandparents have been alive.  He was 90, he had a great long life, and I know he was struggling toward the end... it is probably best for him, but of course I (somewhat selfishly) would have much preferred him to stay around at least a little longer.  When I get really sad about it I just try to think of all of the fun times with him.

  Anyway, I apologize for not posting in the last couple of weeks.  I will try to get things up and running again soon, and should have the giveaway winner selected sometime next week.  Thanks so much for your understanding!  You guys are awesome. 

  No nails today (sorry, no time.. got to go get ready), but here are a couple of pet pictures to keep you busy.  :)

New gerbils, Niko (gray agouti boy on top) and Nudge (brown agouti boy)
Cute close-up of Nudge
And Nova again


  1. Hey there. Life can sure get you by the scruff of the neck, can't it?

    I am so sorry about your Papa. Losing a loved one is never easy. My heart aches for you in your time of sorrow. (((*hug*))) Letting your happy memories bring you comfort and a smile sounds like a great way to honour his memory.

    Your furry ones are so cute. Thanks for sharing their sweet faces. :D

  2. So sorry to hear about your loss. I hope every thing gets better for you soon! *HUGS* You babies are adorable!

  3. They are so cute! *.* I've 2 dogs and 1 cat - I love them :-)

  4. I'm so sorry about your loss. Take your time to adjust to the new situation.

  5. So sorry about your loss... things will get better though:) Take all the time you need, we will always be here:)

  6. aww. so cute.^^

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  7. You do have a lot going on, don't you? *hugs* I am so sorry for your loss.
    Of course, we will be here when things get easier for you!

  8. sorry to hear about your Papa... but that's life, you don't get to choose some things :-(
    i love your new pets, Nova looks so cute and those gerbils looks like lots of fun :-)

  9. I?m happy to read bnews from you...
    take care!

    ps: thanks for sharing these lovely pics!!

  10. *Hugs*
    I had my grandmother pass away 2 weeks ago and it still hurts no matter what. I hope you find peace. You are in my prayers, love!
    I look forward to your posts whenever you're ready:)