Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another Year... Another Layout! And Kitty Picture Outtakes!

  One of the comments I have seen a lot in the survey is that the old layout of Polishology was too busy.  Since I had been thinking it was time for a change anyway, I thought... why not now?  It is a nice birthday present for the blog... ;)  So I'm here to present our new layout!  I have gone with a simpler (but still gorgeous) background, and rather than two columns on either side there is now a large column on the left.  Eventually that column splits into two, to show my blogroll as well as labels, which I am in the process of updating.  I also changed the text around a bit to make it easier to read (I hope).  It is now in a less curly font and darker.  Let me know if it is better.

  The biggest new addition are the tabs at the top - this is now where you will find giveaway info, info about me, my wish list, and more.  I hope soon to have a spreadsheet of all of my stash up there as well.  And hopefully soon there will be a tutorials tab!

  So what do you all think of the new layout?  I hope you enjoy it!  I am really loving it.  You will of course notice a new header with now both of the kitties!  You know what that means.... kitty photo shoot outtakes!

Luna has the sweetest face!
Even if she is a bit evil :)
Aw, love. <3
Of course, Leo turns his back to me
And prefers nomming the blanket to playing with the polish
  You will notice I included more of Luna... that is because I got about 10x more pictures with her.  She hams it up with the camera, while Leo is rather afraid of the camera, so it is hard to get up close pictures of him when he knows I am doing it.  I almost gave up on him and did two Luna photos but I finally got a couple of cute ones!  Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and please feel free to comment on the layout!  I love hearing your suggestions!


  1. I love your kitties! One of mine's bday is today-she is 9! I love your blog background-so awesome-i wish i could figure out how to do a decent banner like yours! I would put my kitties up there as well! What did you use?

  2. PS-i don't see a contact me section with your email address-would really love it if you could go to my blog and use my contact form and email me how to do that banner! I don't want to leave it here in your comments! Love your snake story!-I am an oncology nurse-so I love that you are aspiring to be a pedi onc MD!

  3. Awh!!! The cuteness!!!! *__*
    By the way number 1: a friend of mine lives wth a cat of the same race of Leo and his name is... LEO! :D
    By the way number 2: there's a link between cats and polishes... that's incredible, ALL polish bloggers goes crazy for cast! :D me too of course, even my maya made me angry today -__-

  4. Everything is so much cleaner, it looks fantastic! Great job! Adorable kitties, too!

  5. So cuuute!
    And already in love with nail polish!!

  6. OMG I love cats and I had NEVER seen a cat like the Leo before :O

    He looks like a tiger! A leopard! What breed is this cat?

    I'm in love <3

    And the new layout is gorgeous :)

  7. wow. that's SOOOOOOOO cute! i love this. haha.

    if you're not already following me you could if you want to and i'

    my blog♥mfashionfreak

  8. Your kitty is soo sweet! And she loves nail polish. That is my kind of girl <3

  9. Yay, she is a real tiger I suppose! Love the new layout :o)

  10. OMG I love the header, your kitteh are so cute!
    The picture where Luna chews polish=pure charm!

  11. Awesome! I love *love* the header! It's perfect! Kitties!! <3

  12. Love the new layout!

  13. Your cats are really beautiful and sweet! *_*
    I've noticed that a lot of bloggers/nail polishes addicted are mad about cats. This is a gorgeous coincidence, because I can combine two of my biggest passions while watching beauty blogs: lovely kitties and amazing polishes. ;)

  14. Felice Compleanno! I really like the new layout...awww cute kitty!!

  15. Just found your blog-oh my goodness, your cats are absolutely beautiful!!
    I'm looking forward to checking out some old posts on your blog and looking forward to the new ones. I've recently become obsessed with nail polish and never knew there were others out there like me. So glad that I've found your site!