Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nicole by OPI New Spring 2013 Shades - Swatches and Review

 Today I am thrilled to bring you four new shades from Nicole by OPI for Spring 2013!  This release features two bright and cheery shades and two dark, vampy shades.  All four of these looked great with two coats, which is awesome!  I also decided to try out my new indoor photo setup... which basically consists of a desk lamp and a rather inexpensive photo tent.  I think they turned out nice - although I am still working on tweaking it a bit! :)  Enjoy!

Please Red-Cycle

A medium red creme.  Fairly standard shade, but the super smooth application made it stand out.  It looked pretty good at one coat, but that second coat made it look pretty perfect!

Still Into Pink

Bright, cool-toned hot pink shimmer.  This polish is seriously insanely bright.  As in, made-my-camera-spaz-out-a-bit bright.  Think almost neon, but not quite.  This will be fabulous for summer!  Also, this is a matte polish - above you can see the polish with topcoat; below without.  Additionally, while the press release states this is a creme, it most definitely has a subtle shimmer going on!

Totally In The Dark

Deep black with silver microshimmer.  This seems to almost have a tiny hint of navy to it, but it is pretty much black.  This one is super shiny!

Plum To Your Senses!

Dark, blue-toned purple with purple. blue, and pink microshimmer.  When this polish arrived, all of the shimmer was settled down at the base of the bottle.  A night upside-down and some rolling solved the problem though!  This one was very shiny as well.

Overall Thoughts

The formula on all of these was superb, I didn't have problems with a single one of them.  And they are all two coaters, which is a bonus! While they are not insanely unique, it is a good collection of some necessary basics.  My picks are Still Into Pink and Plum To Your Senses!, as they are the most unique.  I love the matte finish and the subtle sparkle of the pink, and the delicate multi-color shimmer of the purple is really fun.  The formula alone makes these worth a look in my book!

Which do you plan on adding to your collection?

The polishes featured in this post  were provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.


  1. Very pretty! Really love that matte pink :)

  2. Such nice colors, I really love Still Into Pink.

  3. Totally in the Dark is the only one that shouts to me. Hard to believe they are new releases for spring, but I don't mind the darker, vampy shades.
    I have never tried Nicole by OPI maybe I shall have to invest in something new ...

    1. It's a nice brand, I am usually really pleased. The brush is nice and wide which I like a lot. These all had great application so it would be a good introduction to the brand!

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