Sunday, January 27, 2013

Nova's BarkBox - Review and $5 Discount!

  And now for something a little bit different... I want to share with you one of Nova's Christmas presents this year, a subscription to BarkBox!  I had heard of these boxes before from friends, and I know a few bloggers that get them for their pups, so after reading some reviews I finally decided to sign her up!  Her first box came this past week, and I thought I'd share it with you.

   After waiting for this thing for over a month (I signed up in mid-December), I was super excited for it to arrive!  It took awhile to get here - they are shipped the 15th of every month and it didn't get her until the 24th.  I was sort of starting to wonder if it had gotten lost in the mail but it finally made it!  The items are packaged in cute crinkled paper and it comes with a card describing each item.  Nova was pretty excited as well - she couldn't even wait for me to get the tags off before she snatched up a toy.

Taking a sniff
Yep, this toy looks good!
   Here are the items that were included in the January BarkBox!

Jax and Bones Elton the Octopus

Nova was a pretty big fan of Elton - he was actually the first thing she grabbed out of the box!  Nova is a very... proficient chewer (we cannot buy her any toys with stuffing anymore, and even the "chew-proof" toys are usually mutilated fairly fast).  While Elton has lost an eyeball and is looking a little frayed around the edges, thus far I have not had to take him away from her.  So that is a win in my book!  I'm always sad I can't buy her cute little plush animals anymore so this is great, since he is adorable and functional.

RuffDawg WeeNut

This rubber peanut-shaped toy has a whole in the end for stuffing treats and is hollow inside.  I put some of the treats they sent (see below) into it and she had a lot of fun getting them out.  I like that it makes her think a bit and work out how to get her treats so I'm sure I will use it with her often.  She also likes to play fetch with it, so as long as the rubber holds up to her chewing (it has so far but that's no long-term guarantee with her, haha) it should get a lot of use from us.

Nootie Mini-Yumzies Treats

I am always on the lookout for healthy, high-reward treats for Nova.  These treats really seem to fit the bill and she goes crazy for them!  She is on a grain-free diet, so it's nice to find some good grain-free treats for her as well.  Looks like they come in four flavors, which is nice.  I would definitely consider buying more of these once they are gone!

Will sit pretty for treats!
Barkworthies Bully Stick

Not too much to say on this one - a bully stick!  They are supposed to be healthier than rawhides (which Nova is in love with).  She chowed this thing down pretty darn quick.  So I'm gonna say she must have liked it.  :)

Overall Thoughts

I was really pleased with our first BarkBox!  Nova enjoyed everything included and it is a pretty good deal.  Depending on how many months you sign up for, boxes are between $18-28, and it looks like on Amazon these items total up to about $35, making it a good deal.  Plus, it's always fun to get goodies in the mail - even if they are more for your dog than for you.  Nova and I definitely recommend it.  I can't wait for the February BarkBox to come out!


If you Click Here or copy and paste the following link, you will get $5 off your first subscription, and help Nova to get a month of BarkBox for free!  Plus you'll get your own code once you sign up.


Check back for more polish tomorrow!


  1. Que maneiro, essa eu assinaria, com certeza! Mt fofo seu bichinho :D
    Bjos e boa semana!

  2. Now Nova can look forward to mail too:-)

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