Monday, March 18, 2013

31 Day Challenge, Day 4 - Green: St Patrick's Day!

  I had really meant to get this posted yesterday, but the day turned out sort of crazy and I didn't quite get to it.  So now here is a super fast post of my St. Patrick's Day manicure for Day 4 of the 31 Day Challenge!

  These nails started off with a base of three coats of Zoya Ivanka on all nails, followed by a coat of Shimmer Kelly.  On all but the ring finger, I had originally put on straight, free-hand tips using Zoya Ziv but decided I didn't really like how it looked as well... so I sponged on Shimmer Tracy, a gorgeous gold glitter that I just realized I haven't posted on its own yet, even though I have some fabulous pictures, so expect to see that soon, haha.  The tips ended up a tad gloopy looking with all that on it, but they are still really pretty!

  On the ring finger, I used Zoya Dannii, Song, Ivanka, Ziv, Tanzy, and Reva to paint the rainbow using a striping brush.  Then I used Zoya Raven for the pot and Zoya Ziv with a dotting tool for the gold.  I'm really pleased with how this accent nail came out!  Don't forget to check out Becky's Day 4 nails!  Hope you all had a really great St. Patrick's weekend! 


  1. loove it! it shines so bright!

  2. Very pretty!! The pot of gold is a nice touch :-)

  3. Simple amazing. Congratulations!
    I follow you. Regards from Spain,


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