Monday, March 11, 2013

31 Day Nail Art Challenge! Day 1 - Red

  After years of wanting to jump into this challenge and not feeling ready, I have finally decided to take the plunge - with a caveat.  Since my schedule is a bit too hectic to paint my nails daily, I won't actually be completing this in 31 days.  However, it will still hopefully serve to inspire new creative nail art and I am super excited!  So let's get going... day one is red!

  For this challenge I decided to do a fun ladybug manicure - I am in the mood for spring and this was the perfect way to express that on my nails!  I started off with two coats of Zoya Tamsen, and then used Zoya Raven and Zoya Purity for the details.  I finally got the nail art brushes I ordered quite awhile ago and I was excited to get to try them out!  They are definitely easier to work with than the brushes I was using before.

  These little guys were super cute and I got an awful lot of comments on them - even from some of my patients, which was fun.  It is getting a bit warmer here and almost all of the snow from Snowmageddon 2013 has melted... bring on spring!  Although I was not a huge fan of "spring forward" daylight savings time yesterday.  Ugh - I much prefer "falling back" in that regard.  Anyway, if you want to recreate the look, here is a little tutorial I put together!

  Check back Wednesday for Day 2 - Orange!


  1. Really fun mani. Do you find it difficult to do all the detail on your right hand? Looks great!!

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  3. Thanks all for the great comments! Glad you like my little ladybugs as much as I did! :D


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