Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inspired By... OPI Fairytale Bubbles KOTD

  Today I have for you a Konad design inspired by Brooke, over at Babbling Brooke.  Hers is the very first polish blog I really got into reading, and what inspired me to start up my own blog!  I remembered one of her designs that I really loved, which you can see here, and was inspired to recreate this design on my own nails!

Outdoors, full sun, no flash
  For these nails, I used three coats of OPI Diva of Geneva for the base, which is a gorgeous color by itself as well (I have included a few pictures later in the post).  On top of that, I added Konad with plate m65 using OPI The Color To Watch.  This is a gorgeous color combo, and super sparkly in the sun!  I am loving it!

Outdoors, shade, no flash
  In her post, Brooke mentioned that the design reminded her of the bubbles in Disney's Cinderella, and I agree that they are very whimsical and fairytale-like!  I am really having fun with this one - definitely staring at my nails a lot lately!

  Above you can see Diva of Geneva by itself.  It is a really pretty color by itself, and almost looks like velvet on the nails.  I am glad that I picked this one up!


  1. Up until this point I've been able to resist any polishes from the Swiss Collection. And just like that, I now need Diva of Geneva :-X

  2. So nice! I wouldn't have thought to try Color to Watch for stamping but it looks like it worked well.

  3. love this manicure! you did such a nice job!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  4. Angel - It is really great.. I actually almost didn't get this one, but I decided I had to have it in the end. Always happy to help promote the polish obsession! :)

    Karen - Thanks! Honestly I probably would not have thought to use it either except I knew it worked so well for Brooke. It is really gorgeous as a stamper!

    Toesthattwinkle - Thanks! I have followed you, good luck with your new blog!

  5. I love this!!! (and your super-sweet comment). This mani looks FABULOUS on you - and Fairytale Bubbles is such a perfect name for it!!! :) I wish I could paint my nails - I've been wearing a CND Shellac mani for TWO WEEKS now - no chips. I looks awesome, but I am SO desperate to paint my nails!!

  6. Thank you, and thanks for being the inspiration! :D I really want to try out Shellac as well, it looks so pretty and perfect from all the pictures I have seen. I think I would also really be missing painting my nails though, that is a long time to go without! I will be excited to see your Shellac when you get it posted!

  7. Thank you so much for donating :) I really appreciate it. I really wanted to find a way to help a good cause (while still doing something fun for my readers!). I really appreciate that you entered (and donated to Animal Advocates!). Thank you so much :)

    I can't wait to share my Shellac mani! It is truly amazing. I think it is perfect for special occassions, or for those that don't want to paint their nails again every time they chip. I can't wait until they develop more colors! :)