Friday, October 22, 2010

Leo(pard) Print Manicure

  Last week I received my package from Magic Maid's blog sale.  Included in the package was a Konad plate I have been wanting for quite awhile, m57.  I just had to take a break from Halloween nails and use it!
Outdoors, full sun
   I have had the idea for this mani for quite awhile now.  I actually picked up the two polishes I used with the specific intent of doing this exact manicure!  For the base, I used Wet n Wild Craze Goldmine, a gorgeous golden shimmery polish.  It was very sheer, taking four thin coats to reach full opacity, but the dry time was great and the final effect was gorgeous!  Three coats left just a touch of VNL, which is why I sprang for the fourth coat.

Shade, left hand - the nubbins are finally starting to get there!
   On top of the golden color, I used Konad plate m57 with Konad Special Black to add leopard print spots to the nails.  Then I used Wet n Wild Craze Rustic to dab a bit of a darker brown, shimmery color into the middle of some of the open spots.  I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite and was good to go!

Outdoors, shade
  Sorry for the slightly messy cuticles here, I had no time before the sun went down so I did a super speedy clean-up just to get a couple of larger messes, and didn't really get a chance to clean up the rest of the cuticles.  Overall this mani was really fun, wore well and I loved the colors.  I am so glad I finally got a chance to do this mani.  I had some awesome inspiration!

Manicure inspiration
  I know what you are thinking.  "Oh, what an absolutely gorgeous and fabulous leopard print, where did you find such stunning beauty?!"  Or something along those lines. ;)

  On Leo, of course!  Not only is he like the sweetest kitty cat ever (even if he is super shy around strangers, unlike Luna who thinks that she is a dog, or perhaps "a people" as Dan and I say), he is also in my opinion the most gorgeous cat I have ever seen!  So it is no wonder that he would be inspiration for art - nail art or otherwise!

  I wanted to get a picture of my nails on Leo, but he is not such a fan of cameras.  Even when they are not on, he does not seem to like it so much.  I think the photo shoot I put him through last spring traumatized him.  So that is the only picture I was able to get.  I think the nails were a pretty decent representation of Leo's coat.

  What do you think of my Leo print mani?  Have you ever done nails inspired by your pets?


  1. That looks amazing! So cool :-)

  2. Thank you, glad you like it! :D

  3. Oh, cute little tang cat :-D. I love your Leo fingers!!

  4. This is a FABULOUS manicure, not only because it goes perfectly with your cat but you did it so well!
    Great great work, now I'll be dreaming of leopard nails and wishing I had the same for Christmas! (no, wait, isn't that a weird thought? ^^)
    You sure have a great talent!

  5. Christy - Glad you like it! He is an adorable little Tang kitty, isn't he?

    Lolaa - Thank you so much, that is really sweet of you! I am glad you like them!

    Toes - Thanks! :)

  6. Love it! Very cool and the cat is adorable!

  7. Gorgeous, both the mani and the cat :-)