Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Zoya Cheryl vs OPI DS Jewel

  When I first received my Zoya Cheryl in the mail, Becky was over here and she was wearing DS Jewel.  Instantly we noticed that the two seemed very similar.  I looked for a comparison between the two and didn't find one, so I decided to go ahead and do one for you all!

  You can see that in the bottle, the colors do seem to look quite similar.  Even here you can tell that DS Jewel looks just a touch more pink, but it is really hard to tell if there is much of a noticeable difference or not.

Outdoors, sun
  On the nail, there is definitely a huge difference.  Cheryl is a much darker color, with Jewel being lighter and again, pinker.  Another huge difference was opacity - Cheryl took only two coats, while Jewel took four coats to achieve full opacity.  However the drying time on Jewel is decent, so the extra coats didn't bother me that much.  Cheryl did have a small amount of bumpiness going on that I wasn't really expecting (which you can see a bit in the close-ups, especially around the shade-to-light zone), while DS Jewel was totally smooth.  However Zoya definitely wins on application between these two with its high pigmentation and two coats.

Zoya Cheryl
OPI DS Jewel
  In the close-up photos above the differences are very apparent.  In addition to having the overall more burgundy-brown look, DS Jewel also has rosy pink microglitter, as well as some gold that is hard to capture.  Cheryl instead has coppery, metallic glitter.

Indoors, artificial lighting
  So as it turns out, these are very different.  Both are fabulous fall (or winter) shades, and I really like them both a lot.  Zoya Cheryl belongs to me, and OPI DS Jewel belongs to my sister Becky, so I will definitely be borrowing DS Jewel again at some point for a full mani using it.  I love both the more bull brown/coppery look of Zoya and the rosy effect of the OPI DS.  Which is your favorite?


  1. I think Cheryl looks better....the shade of brown is more attractive and the shimmer is prettier.
    Thanks for the comparison!

  2. this is such a cool shade! so great for fall!

  3. Great comparison! I'm glad they're not too close, since I just bought Cheryl and have the DS already.

  4. ChaosButterfly - Cheryl is better for a brown, I agree. Jewel is better for something different and rosier.

    Toesthattwinkle - They are both perfect for fall!

    Karen - I was glad to see they weren't that close either, since Becky had the DS. They both definitely have a unique place in a collection! :D