Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  One of my biggest fears is probably spiders.  Logically I know that most of them aren't dangerous and that they keep other bugs down and blah blah blah... but there is something about the way they move I think that just totally creeps me out.  Nothing should have that many legs.  Although I think octopi (...?) are adorable, so that doesn't really make much sense.  Either way, not such a fan.  Perfect for a Halloween mani, though!

  The base of this manicure was China Glaze Ick-A-Body, which I showed last year as a swatch only.  I am seriously in love with this polish, it is still by far the best Halloween polish I have yet to find.  I added spider webs using Konoad White and plate BM13, as well as the spider in Konad Black from the same plate.  Another fun and festive orange and black manicure!  Luckily these spiders are small and not too creepy... otherwise I wouldn't have been able to put them on my nails.  :)

  Sadly, my ring fingernail also broke again recently.  Ever since I chewed them all down, my nails have been very weak and peeling.  I have been trying really hard to get them stronger but it is difficult.  Hopefully with time and lots of TLC they will strengthen up again!


  1. Amazing Halloween manicure!
    Loved it!

  2. This is amazing. I think it's one of my favorite Halloween manicures I've ever seen!

    I want a Konad for Christmas, LOL.

  3. I'm with CCouture - I want a Konad for Christmas too! :D This is seriously such an awesome mani - the glitter gives so much depth to the design! LOVE it! <3

  4. I like how you put the stamp in different directions. It's hard to get them all in the same spot!!! And usually if my nails start peeling, the only thing left to do is clip them all the way down with clippers, baby nail clippers are nice bc you can control the shape of your nail more. I just had to cut all mine down because two broke down real far and I hate when my nails are different lengths. I think your nails still look great at this length!!!

  5. This mani is really great!
    Perfect for halloween!

  6. Eat more peanut butter! That's done wonders for my hair & nails.

  7. amazing polish, lovely design, great mani, love it :-D

  8. I love this Halloween mani! I really like the base color as well :)

  9. omigosh me too! TERRIFIED of spiders, like see one and can't sleep afterwards sort of paralyzed awfulness... I think it's that they can (and DO!) attack you when you're not looking/asleep that makes 'em 10x more awful than an octopus. Very bold stamping here. :)

  10. amazing !
    I'm just a beginner;