Friday, October 21, 2011

Multi-Chrome Goodness

  Some of you might remember a few months ago, when I shared with you the polish that started it all, OPI Movin' Out.  There I wore the polish alone, but I promised to show you the beauty of this one layered as well.  Here it is!  Please excuse the tipwear, this was several days after I put it on and I use my hands a lot in lab.  I really meant to get pictures earlier, but... that didn't happen so much.

  This is two coats of OPI I Brake for Manicures, plus one coat of OPI Movin' Out.  On the ring finger I also added one coat of Nfu Oh 51 for a somewhat subtle accent.  Movin' Out has some serious multi-chrome action when layered - about you can see the predominant pinkish-purple, as well as some of the gold and green colors.  In addition, it has this amazing microshimmer that makes it just glow from within.  It is SO pretty!

Sunlight - pinks, purples, and reds
Sunlight - dark purple
Sunlight - Bronze and gold
Sunlight - greens and blues
  Above are several pictures in the sunlight at various angles to try and show just a bit of the possible range of colors you see in this polish - purples, reds, browns, golds, greens... it is crazy!  I often caught myself staring at my hands, moving them around to try to see more colors.  People probably thought I was crazy.  But I don't really care... it is pretty!  I love this polish layered, and will definitely be wearing it like this again sometime soon.  I may try out a different base color and see what happens!


  1. Oh gosh! Movin Out is amazing!! I went out on eBay to find this about a year ago and spent a little over $12 for it...totally worth it! I LOVE IT!! Great polish!!

    I would love to follow your blog, but I'm not seeing the button...are you not accepting any new followers?

  2. OMG! This is seriously gorgeous!!

    you're also working in a lab? I understand it's difficult to get your hand moistured and neat...!!lol

  3. I love Movin' Out! I think I may break down and actually buy a bottle soon!

  4. This is very very pretty indeed!

  5. This is officially being placed on my lemming list. Gorgeous! And I like the accent nail with the flakies - a great compliment to a great color.