Friday, July 8, 2011

The Polish that Started it All!

  I was never really into nail polish when I was younger.  I would occasionally paint them, but mostly my nails were naked and bitten down to painful nubs.  If I polished my nails, I never really looked at them and said "wow, that is gorgeous"!  Until one day, my mom gave me a set of minis from OPI (my first high-end polish) and I fell in love!  One of the minis was this gorgeous pink that looked different depending on what angle my nails were at and I used the whole thing up.  I was really sad when it was gone.

  Fast forward to last month... I was thinking about that polish.  I had no idea what the name of it was, but I thought it maybe had something to do with Broadway?  So I searched around... and I found that fabulous polish!  I was thrilled - of course I had to go find it on eBay and order a bottle!  What was this fabulous polish, you might ask?

OPI Movin' Out
From the 2003 Holiday on Broadway collection

  Movin' Out is a very sheer, shimmery medium pink.  It also has a gorgeous multichrome effect to it that is very subtle when on its own, but intense when layering.  I definitely plan to layer this soon, however I first wanted to wear it the way I remember wearing it back in 2003.

  For this coverage, I used four coats - yes it is that sheer!  But it applied really well otherwise.  It was really fun to find this old polish - the very first polish that ever made me look at my nails and say "wow"!  From them on, I really enjoyed painting my nails.  Although I didn't go totally polish crazy until last year, haha.  I plan on layering this beauty soon to show off her amazing multichrome nature, but for now I hope you enjoyed my story of the first polish I ever loved. :)


  1. This is such a pretty color!! Isn't funny there's always 1 polish that starts this...addiction. LOL Very pretty. Yay, MOM!

  2. love this polish! i've been putting it over everything lately!

  3. I just love this polish!

  4. wow! amazinh polish! It sould be great for layering, you're right!!

    btw, I just came across your blog by chance and love it! I'm following you now ;D