Saturday, July 30, 2011

Another Purple Comparison

  A couple of months back I did a swap with Marie from Mon Coin A Moua, and included in this swap was the gorgeous Catrice Floralista collection - four gorgeous spring cremes!  When I opened the package, I happened to be wearing Zoya Kieko, and I noticed what appeared to be a startling similarity...

  Both Zoya Kieko and Catrice Pink Spring are reddish-based medium purples, with a bit of a berry look to them.  In the bottle they seemed very similar to me, although the Zoya seems a tad bit more bold.

Outdoors, shade
  On the nail, however, there is a much bigger difference.  The Catrice is much lighter than the Zoya, and a bit more muted.

Outdoors, sunlight
  In the sun, they are two completely different colors - looking at this picture I almost feel silly for thinking that they were so similar, but I swear, they looked closer in the bottle.  :)  The Catrice is definitely a bit more of a lighter pink with the Zoya being a richer purple.  Both applied really well in two coats with an easy application and gorgeous finish.  I am glad to have them both in my collection!

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