Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Comparison - Purple Polishes

  Here is another comparison - this time, grape purple cremes!  I had three of these that looked pretty similar to me, so I wanted to see how they would compare on the nail.

OPI Funky Donkey, Zoya Mira, and Nicole by OPI I'm A Belieber
  In the bottle, these look pretty similar.  Even here though, you can see that I'm a Belieber is a bit lighter than the other two.

  On the nail, I'm a Belieber is much lighter than the other two.  Mira and Funky Donkey are pretty similar, but it seems that Funky Donkey is just a touch darker than Mira, and a bit more blue.  While these two are not dupes, they are definitely very close and both are probably not necessary in your collection.  Formula was good on all three of these, each opaque in two coats.

  Between Mira and Funky Donkey, it really just depends on which brand formula/brush you like better - both are excellent choices!  I am glad to have both since I will definitely be using plenty of this color for K-State games... ;)


  1. They really alike!!
    Thanks for the comparison!

  2. nice comparison, too similar but great if you like this particular shade of purple

  3. Wow! They're similar enough that you definitely don't need all 3. I'm glad I found my purple in Zoya Mira.

  4. wow these are really similar! I like Belieber best :)