Monday, July 25, 2011

Splatter Manicure!

  Last month while I was catching up on other nail blogs one day, I can across this absolutely gorgeous splatter manicure by Jen from The PolishAholic and I totally fell in love.  I knew I was going to have to try it out myself - and while my results aren't quite as fantastic as hers, I was still pleased with the first attempt!

Left Hand
  For this splatter mani, I started out with two coats of Sally Hansen Xtreme Black Out for the base, then used Nicole by OPI "Baby" Blue and Nicole by OPI I'm A Belieber as my two splatter colors.  The way to create this look is to get a bit of your polish color on the end of a straw, aim it at your nail, and them blow a quick puff of air to splatter the paint onto your nails (and the surrounding area, haha... I recommend something disposable to do this over).

Right Hand
  I had a bit of a tough time getting the polish to splatter nicely (or at all) in the beginning, but with a bit of practice I started to get the hang of it more and more.  Some nails turned out much nicer than others, and I am hoping that next time I try out this technique I will get even better results.  But for now, these were really fun nails that I got a lot of compliments on!  If you are interested in creating your own splatter mani, there is a great tutorial at The PolishAholic that helped me. :)


  1. very pretty mani, im going to have to try this out as well

  2. I did something really similar to this a while back. Gah! I'm so behind in posting. This looks really nice on you - good job!

  3. It came out good! Very pretty! :)

  4. Your mani is really perfect!! :p

    I'm not a huge fan a splatter manis but I do love yours!

  5. You are really tempting me to attempt this. Your color chooses are great!!

  6. I think it turned out awesome!!

  7. Thanks so much for all the great compliments, everyone! I will definitely have to try another splatter mani soon.

    Jen - glad you like it, I hope it did your original mani justice! :)