Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tropical Flowers

  A few weeks ago I had an Ulta rewards to use for a free polish (yay!), and I was having the toughest time deciding what to get from my long list of wants.. until I stumbled upon this gorgeous pink Essie that I knew I had to have!

Outdoors, sunlight
  Essie Your Hut or Mine?, from the 2011 Resort collection, is a gorgeous warm pinkish coral with subtle gold and pink microshimmer.  It is a stunning summer pink!  I applied two coats for opacity, with great application.  On top of that, I stamped tropical flowers using Konad Special White and BM-221.

  This fun tropical manicure made me think of hanging out on the beach in Hawaii... I can't wait to get back there!  :)  A fabulous color for a fun summer manicure.


  1. Lovely, This totally reminds me of Hawaii!
    I need to try the Konad Special White... it comes out so much crisper than other whites...
    I did this same mani with Essie Brazilliant about a week ago: http://wackylaki.blogspot.com/2011/07/essie-brazilliant-stamped.html

    Love it :D

  2. This looks lovely with the crisp white contrast. I did this mani the other day too http://nailstylenails.blogspot.com/2011/07/coral-colours-vixen.html and discovered I had stamped one hand 'upside down' and the stamp looked a lot nicer the way you have it.

  3. That's a lovely color combo! Your Hut or Mine is super pretty, kind of a soft red :)