Friday, December 2, 2011

Beyond the Mistletoe

  Okay, I will be completely honest, I have no idea what this color has to do with mistletoe.  That being said, this is an amazing polish.

Outdoors, sunlight
  Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe is a dazzling light blue holo glitterbomb.  This is three coats, and application was fairly decent, for a chunky glitter.  Like most chunky glitters it had some chipping problems, but I am totally willing to put up with it.  Look at that holo effect!  This polish is just totally and completely stunning.  It is the only one I got from this collection (darned budget) and I am glad it is the one I picked.  So wintery and fun!

Outdoors, shade
  Gorgeous even in the shade, with light blue and holo rainbow glitters.  I am sort of wishing I had gotten some more from this collection... maybe I will have to order a few next time I order online... :)


  1. Oh, man...I haven't seen this one around...and I want it!!! Gorgeous glitter AND holo. *sigh* So much for a no-buy...

  2. Love it!! My Favorite Glitter Right Now Is China Glaze "Snow Globe"!

  3. Oooh this is gorgeous, I haven't seen it before either!

  4. I just picked up this entire collection at Ross (all in one package) for $8. It also came with a top coat. Can't wait to wear it.

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  6. A gold version would be awesome for New Years

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