Monday, December 12, 2011

DS Bold

  I have been sick the past couple of days... so not cool, especially considering that my final is Friday and I need to be studying.  I slept from 8:00 pm last night until 3:30 the next afternoon with the exception of maybe 2-3 hrs.  Crazy.  I also haven't gotten around to painting my nails in about 3 days because of this, so they just have a couple of coats of a clear base.  But I am proud of myself, I haven't bit them, or even been tempted - yay! :)

Outdoors, shade
  Today I wanted to share with you OPI DS Bold, the second newly released DS shade from OPI.  This bright cherry jelly is packed with pink and silver glitter.  This is two coats, which went on nice and smooth.  It is a really nice polish.

  That being said, I really have a hard time justifying this one being labeled as "DS" with the price bump.  As I am sure many of you guessed or have read, it is a dupe for China Glaze Mrs. Claus from last year's holiday collection.  It just doesn't have that extra... something... to justify the DS price tag, in my opinion.  Gorgeous?  Yes.  $4 more expensive gorgeous?  Probably not quite.  Temptation was a hard enough stretch for me, but this one, while very nice, probably doesn't quite fit in with the DS line.  Lets hope that next time we see new DS polishes, they really earn that price increase and the designation "Designer Series."

  I am curious as to what you all think - do you agree that the new DS releases aren't quite worthy of the title?  They are still very pretty though.  On Wednesday I will post a fun Christmas mani I did with this one!

DISCLOSURE: The polishes featured in this post was provided to Polishology by OPI for review purposes.  This is an honest and independent review and was in no way influenced by the company.


  1. Ya, I don't think it's "designer series worthy". But it's still pretty... too bad it has a super cheap dupe, haha

  2. I also don't see why they are included in the DS line, seems a bit out of place. I want something really special from the DS line, say a holo!
    Hope you feel better!

  3. Hope you're feeling better! This is pretty...definitely not DS worthy though! They need to get back to holos or other super unique polishes. Flakies, maybe?!

  4. Hello, new to this blog. I just recently found the wonder that is nail stamping, and your blog is great for ideas! It already has a place of honor in my bookmarks, to browse when I'm bored and lacking creative skills.

    But I was wondering- do you have any advice for sponging? I'm really having a hard time getting gradient style looks, and they're one of my favorites that I'd really like to get better at. So far, all my experiences with it end up sticky and gunky, not even, not smooth fading from one colour to another. I have cosmetic sponges and loads of different polish types. I've tried mimicking brands used in youtube tutorials & such, but still no luck.

    Any and all advice is appreciated, and thanks for taking the time to put this informative blog up. :D

  5. I have decided that one of my new year's resolutions is to try and respond to the comments I get on here... I am starting early. :)

    I agree with you all, very pretty but not DS worthy. Bringing back the DS holos would be great, or I love the flakie idea too! :)

    Cassandra - First tip for sponging, wait for the base to be fairly dry or else it can get a bit tacky. Also, sometimes to get a more smooth gradient it can be helpful to go back and sponge a bit with the original color where the color change is occurring (I mentioned that here: http://www.polishology.net/2011/11/go-chiefs.html)

    It can be challenging sometimes to get the appropriate amount on the sponge - you want enough so the color shows up, but not TOO much! I will try to do a tutorial on sponging at some point with some pointers and pictures. :)

  6. Thank you for the tips, Jenny. I've been sponging just a little (and the base layer was very dry, painted much earlier in the day), but it was giving me issues. The base layer wasn't having problems, it was the colour I was sponging on. It would gunk up. Maybe I was putting too much on the sponge?

    I actually looked at that and went through all your posts you had tagged with "gradient" to see if I could learn some more wisdom on that.

    So I should sponge my contrast colour (or whatever), wait for it to dry, then maybe touch up with my base to get a bit smoother?

    Next time I try sponging I'll take pictures and see if that shows any issues I'm having (though hopefully it just goes better, hah). Thanks for the advice, though, it's much appreciated. :)