Sunday, February 3, 2013

With A Cherry On Top

  While I was creating this new layout, I kept getting ideas for matching nail designs using similar colors and patterns.  I have always wanted to do a cherry manicure of some sort, and this presented the perfect opportunity!

  For these nails I started out with one of my very favorite colors, China Glaze For Audrey, on all but my ring finger.  As an accent nail, I used Nicole by OPI Please Red-cycle.  I then added white polka dots using Konad Special White polish and plate BM-19, and the darker blue swirls to the other fingers using Nicole by OPI Khloe Had A Little Lam-Lam and plate m64.  For fun, here are the nails with stamping alone, before adding the cherries:

  For the cherries, I started out with Nicole by OPI Please Red-Cycle for the main body of the red cherries and Nicole by OPI Up & Kim-ing Pink for the pink cherries.  Stems were added with OPI Did It On 'Em, and the white reflection with Zoya Purity.

  This design was a lot of fun to create, and to wear!  I do, however, need to find some better paintbrushes for fine details on nail art, I think mine are too large and floppy.  I had only planned on wearing this for a day, but ended up leaving it on for three because it was too much fun to take off.  Got a lot of comments on this one! 


  1. *.*
    oh so cute!!
    love it!

  2. This is what they mean by "nail art". I know that one was hard to give up. Very cute!!!

  3. This is so cute!! I think you will be able to do some amazing designs with a smaller brush. They sell them cheap on Amazon or you can check your local craft store for small paint brushes.

    1. Thanks for the tip, I will have to look into getting some new ones this week!

  4. Very shabby chic and I heart it! The new layout is cute too!