Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Space Beetle? Orly Space Cadet vs Hard Candy Beetle

  A couple of weeks ago Becky got a bit of a Hard Candy haul.  One of these polishes was Beetle, which looked very, very familiar to me... we decided we had to do a comparison!

Orly Space Cadet and Hard Candy Beetle
  As I am sure most of you are aware, Orly Space Cadet was one of the most popular and unique polishes from the fall Cosmic FX line.  Now Hard Candy Beetle seems to be a dupe in the bottle - so we tested it out to see if it could hold up to Space Cadet's amazing duochrome shine on the nail!  These were done on Becky's nails.

One coat each
  Above, you can see one thin coat of each polish, showing that they share the same greenish base color and very similar looks glittery shine.  So far, these are looking pretty similar to me!  I continued to add thin coats, coming up with a grand total of four coats of each polish - opacity continued to be the same for the two brands.

Outdoors, shade
Indoors, artificial light, no flash
  As you can see, both polishes share the same amazing duochrome effect, looking pink at one angle and a greenish gold the next.  Application and finish were the same on each.  I feel safe in declaring these two polishes dupes!  I still absolutely love this color, it is a great one!  So, if you had a hard time getting your hands on Space Cadet, I suggest you go find yourself some Hard Candy Beetle!  That being said, if you do already own one, you definitely do not need the other.  This worked out well for Becky and I, because she has been wanting to borrow my Space Cadet for some time now.. :)  To check out my full review of Space Cadet, click HERE.  More Hard Candy polishes coming up soon...

  *Edit: Changed the name to Space Beetle, sorry Becky.  It is better anyway.  :)

  Also, there are only two days left to get your entries in for my second giveaway!  If you have not entered already, I suggest you do it fast! :)


  1. LOL, or Space Beetle.
    I wonder what's with all the dupes lately...especially with the Cosmic FX Collection. I mean...every single polish in that collection has a twin in some other brand. Heck, Halley's Comet is a quadruplet, nevermind a twin. What the french, polish companies?
    But with that said, I do think that Orly is the best value, in terms of amount of product and cost.

    Thanks for the awesome comparison!!

  2. hi, interessant comparison, thanks :)

  3. Brilliant comparison, I just found your blog in time for your giveaway and wanted to say hi :) x

  4. Hahaha. Space Beetle! I love the idea of this color, but am not sure how much I actually like wearing the polish. I must be strange because this color seems to be so popular!

  5. I'm a new follower, PolishPig

    I blogged about this in my sidebare, with a picture.

    You are on my blog roll.

    I love the comparisons, they can kill lemmings!

  6. Glad you all found this one helpful! It is really interesting how many dupes there are out there for the Cosmic FX collection.