Sunday, November 21, 2010

OPI Simmer and Shimmer

  Sorry for a bit of a delay in posting the last couple of days, I am visiting my sister, brother-in-law, and my adorable niece Evie this weekend!  It has been a lot of fun - Christy and I did some nail shopping and painting, which I am sure you can expect to hear all about in the coming days!

  Today I will share with you another amazing polish from the OPI Burlesque collection, Simmer and Shimmer!

Outdoors, shade, no flash
  Simmer and Shimmer is a really gorgeous, mostly blue glitter polish, although it has quite a bit of other colors packed in there!  This is three coats, which was needed to achieve full opacity.  The dry time was very decent on this one, and although the finish was a bit on the bumpy side, a couple of coats of a good topcoat will smooth this one.  I used the Essie Good to Go again on this one, and without Konad to smudge I really loved the topcoat!  This one did have a couple of small ships after two days of wear, but I have found that to be the case with several of these glitter-bomb types of polish.  This one was so gorgeous I wore it alone rather than continue my Konad-over-chunky-glitter experiment.  Check out all of the colors that are in this beauty!

Rainbow of colors!
  Although all of these colors are seen on close inspection, the overall color of the polish is definitely a nice wintery blue.  I got quite a lot of positive comments on this one while I wore it!  I was also able to help a lady at Ulta yesterday, who was looking at this collection and wondering if it was able to be opaque - I showed her my nails and told her how many coats to get it done.  That was fun! :)

Indoors, artificial light, no flash
  I am really loving these Burlesque glitters!  The only one I have that I have not tried is Sparklicious, and I am excited to try that one out soon.  I am really sad right now about my nails, one of them broke yesterday and I now how nubbins... but the polish I am wearing now makes even these nubbins look gorgeous!  Expect to see them in a day or two... :)


  1. These Burlesque glitters are ...wow. I don't even have the right words. I only bought one but I'm tempted to get a couple more.

  2. This jam=packed with glitter goodness!

  3. I love giving nail polish/care advice to people at stores. It makes me feel like my obsession is serving a purpose. Bettering the hands of humanity 10 nails at a time! lol ;)
    Once a manager at Sally Beauty Supply overheard me talking to another customer and offered me a job. I didn't end up taking it.

  4. I love these Burlesque glitters. Even their shimmers are starting to get to me! I also love Good to Go...Essie's regular top coat also dries really fast for me.

  5. Good god, that is glitter-packed. *Whistles* Nice. Oh yeah, you won THE DUEL! (So check your email!) And congrats!

  6. I grabbed Sparkleiscious and Glow It last time I was at the nail store but passed this one over. I'm going back to pick up the gel polishes that go with Burlesque, so I'll be sure to get both this polish and the gel.
    Swatches like this is why I love following the nail blogs!

  7. Love the Burlesque glitters; your nails are so beautiful! That was great helping out that young lady at Ultra Nails. Sorry about the broken nail however, they will grow back and besides that your nails are too beautiful to worry about it. Gorgeous nails at any length. Namaste.

    Mc Huggs ;)