Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hard Candy Swatches - and a New Pet!

  First off, thank you so much to all of those who took the time to enter my giveaway - the comments one what you want to see from this blog have been extremely helpful!  I will be tallying up and checking the entries throughout the day and should have the winner for you tomorrow!  I may do a very small Christmas giveaway coming up sometime in the next few weeks; keep your eyes peeled for it.  I plan to do a larger giveaway when we hit 300 followers. :)

  Today I have for you some Hard Candy swatches, from the small stash that Becky picked up a few weeks ago.  I had never used (or even seen) this brand before, so it was a lot of fun to try out something new!  The swatches are a bit on the messy side, from a combo of factors including super fast swatching and I am even messier when painting others nails than I am my own... so please excuse the mess and take then as the (hopefully) helpful swatches that they are!

Hard Candy Sky

Outdoors, no flash
   Sky is a really gorgeous light blue creme.  Although in the bottle it seems to have some very minor shimmer to it, I can't see it on the nails no matter how hard I try!  Application was very nice, and this covered well with 3 coats.  This is probably my favorite of the bunch, I love the super light blue color!

Hard Candy Mushroom

Outdoors, no flash
   A really nice medium taupey-brown creme.  I am totally blanking on how many coats this was (I swear I wrote it down, I just don't know where!) but I am thinking three as well... again, very nice application, and a great neural color.

Hard Candy Envy

Outdoors, no flash
   This polish falls into that category of really pretty almost-blacks.  It is a very dark shimmery green polish.  This one is totally packed with gorgeous shimmer, and I really love it!  It also only takes two smooth coats, which I love.  This is definitely a close runner-up for favorite of these three.

Really pretty shimmer
  The final bottle Becky got was a really nice chunky glitter topcoat called Break Up that for some reason we didn't get a picture of.  Perhaps I will be able to get a good shot of that at some point in the future.  It was a very nice topcoat!

  In other news... you might recall me showing you that snake we found on our driveway a couple of weeks ago?  Well.. a couple of days after that, I found him again, in my garage (I was so close to running the little guy over).  I put him in the backyard this time, but I kept going out to check on him and he really didn't move much at all,  all night.  So... Dan and I decided he needed a bit of help and we took him in.  It turns out he had a head injury that has left him probably blind in one eye, and he was supposed to be hibernating, so he was very cold and very hungry.  He is doing really well now though!  The vet basically told us he would have died pretty quickly if we had not taken him in, so I am really glad we did.  He is actually really sweet.  :)

Silv's cage - he is exploring up at the very top
He loves cuddling in my hand, what a cutie!
  So now I have a snake, something I never thought I would be able to say, haha.  That brings the pet total up to five - two cats, two gerbils, and a snake!  We are starting to turn into a zoo. :)


  1. I love SKY! I think it might be a close match to Eyeko's Rain, which is my favourite Eyeko colour.

    And from a non-snake person -- that picture of him in your palm... so cute! The silver stripe looks like the chain links in a bracelet I have. :P

  2. this is very cute! you did a great thing saving it from hibernating.
    his pattern is very interesting :D

  3. Cute pets! :)

    I just got HC Mushroom today. LOL

  4. mylitlevanities - I love that one too! I had not even thought about Eyeko Rain when I saw that, which is a polish I have almost bought a few times online. Silv's stripe does look a bit like a bracelet, I agree! Glad you like him. :D

    Alice - I am really glad we saved him, he is doing so much better now than when we first brought him in.

    ShortAndSweetNials - Thanks! Mushroom is a really nice color, hope you enjoy it!

    Starving Nail Addict - Dan is (used to be?) afraid of snakes as well, up until the time that we found Silv. Now he loves him as well! He says Silv may have cured him. He is super - for a snake. But I have to say, that first time I picked him up when he was still just a wild snake, I was a little afraid. :)