Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Glorious Glitter and Flowers

  Today I have for you another amazing polish from the Zoya Flame collection.  In addition, I used yet ANOTHER polish from this collection for the stamping!  This was from the day I got my Zoya BOGO order in the mail.  I was super excited to try it out - can you tell?  :)

Outdoors, shade, no flash
  For this look, I started with three coats of Zoya Gloria, which is a stunning medium pink full of multi-colored, multi-sized glitter.  It has an amazing glittery foil finish, with larger gold chunks that really stand out among the rose and magenta glitter.  It is really a beauty!  I am totally in awe of pretty much the entire collection.  This one almost got away with two coats but I really thought the third coat was necessary to eliminate all visible nail line.  Application was smooth and dry time quick.  That is 3/3 amazing polishes I have tried from Zoya!

Artificial light - check out the glitter sparkle!
  I really debated over whether to Konad on this one or leave it as is.  As I was thinking about it, another polish from my order caught my eye... and I realized I just had to give it a try!  I used Zoya Valerie and Konad plate m64 to add the purple flowers.  Valerie is a totally beautiful color and I can not wait to try her on the full nail!

Outdoors, full sun, no flash
  I topped it all off with a coat of Seche Vite and wore it for three days with minimal tip wear and only the tiniest little chip at the end, so wear was pretty good in my book.  This was one of those more subtle looks, that from far the design was barely noticeable (if at all) but up close it really popped.  I loved wearing it!


  1. Glad I caught this post before going to class. That's some excellent wear for three days! I'm happy you stamped your nails too, they look fantastic!

  2. This looks beautiful.
    And wow, this polish really wears nicely =)

  3. Glad you guys like it! I should clarify that the pictures are only after about a day or so of wear (or more likely shrinkage). There was a bit more tip wear over the next two days. Sorry if that was not clear enough. BUT it still wore well. :)

  4. This is so pretty! I'm new to nail stuff and I think this Konad thing is awesome.