Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christy's First Blue Nails!

  When I was visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago, my nail polish addiction started to rub off on her... we went to Ulta and she purchased some of her first ever blue polishes!  After I left she continued to go shopping to pick up some new colors she had never worn before.. I am so proud of her, haha!  While we were visiting, I gave her her first ever blue manicure!

Indoors, artificial light, no flash
  For these nails, we started out with two coats of China Glaze Adore, which is a completely gorgeous metallic blue with a hint of green.  This one was my polish, and I have not worn it yet but it is stunning, and I cannot wait to wear it myself.  I feel like I am getting too many polishes, there are so many pretty ones I haven't gotten the chance to wear yet!  On top of this base color, we added flowers from Konad plate m64 using OPI Ink, which was one of the new polishes Christ picked up.  It stamped really nicely, and is a really nice color.  I haven't bought this one yet but it is a polish I have considered many times!  Very pretty.

Indoors, natural light from window, no flash
  I was really happy with how these nails came out, and more importantly Christy really liked them too!  I am glad to have passed on just a bit of my crazy obsession to her (and to have introduced her to Ulta, heh).  We had a lot of fun playing with polish, in addition to the adorable baby.  ;)


  1. These are very very pretty! :]

    (PS Jenny I accidentally made a blog... D: )

  2. I agree, I liked them a lot! :)

    OH my gosh, you made a blog? Haha

  3. Yay!! my nails are finally on your blog :-) I miss this manicure, it was very pretty. Love you (both)!