Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hello Kitty! Skittle Swatches and Reviews

  Several weeks ago I was picking up some things at Target and I noticed these adorable little Hello Kitty polishes - the bottles were cute so I decided I had to get them!  Even though I had my doubts about the potential quality of the polish, I figured I would go ahead and try them out - I found a few pleasant surprises among the mix!

Hello Kitty Brights

  The first set of polishes is a set containing five bright colors, a yellow, blue, orange, green, and dark pink/red.  These are all slightly shimmery polishes.  All four coats except the red (3), so all are fairly sheer but some are really nice.  All without base or top coat.

Outdoors, shade, no flash
  Dark pink/red (thumb) - This one applied nicely in three coats.  It was fairly smooth application with decent drying time.  The shimmer is a bit more subtle here, but you can see it if you look for it!  I liked this one.

  Blue (index) - This is a frosty light blue with very subtle shimmer.  This was a touch streaky and fairly sheer, but still a pretty color.  While I might not wear this one on its own due to the VNL, it is a pretty color and may still prove useful.

  Orange (middle) - This was a pretty decent orange, which fairly smooth application that covered well in the necessary four coats.

  Green (ring) - This may have been my favorite of this set.  A nice grassy green with a lot of shimmer.  Good coverage in four coats, could have done three with thicker application.  Also went on pretty smooth,  I really like this one!

  Yellow (pinky) - I know that yellows can be hard to apply, but this one was seriously awful.  Thin and streaky, and look at what you get after four coats.  I have several much nicer yellows, I am not sure this one will be getting any more use from me.

Indoors, artificial light
  Overall: The brights set had a few good polishes - I really like the green a lot, and the red was pretty nice as well.  The orange and blue might have some use for me in the future.  The yellow - not so much.

Hello Kitty Pinks

  The second set I picked up contains five polishes in varying pink colors, including a medium and light pink shimmer and three glitter topcoats in peach, ivory and dark pink.  Application on all of these is again at 4 coats, without base or top coat.

Outdoors, shade, no flash

  Light pink (thumb) - This was a fairly nice frosty light pink with a touch of shimmer.  A bit streaky, as you can see a bit of the brushstrokes in the final product, but fairly nice overall.  I am not sure I have another polish this light so I may use this at some point.

  Medium Pink (index) - A nice color with pretty god application.  Could have gotten away with three coats, and was much smoother than the light pink.  I liked this one.

  Ivory Glitter (middle) - It says something about how yellow my nails have gotten lately that this hardly looks any lighter than the peach glitter on the pinky).  This is a decent chunky glitter topcoat, with multicolored glitter mostly flashing green/blue.  As a topcoat, you could of course use many less coats to get a nice look.

  Dark Pink Glitter (ring) - Like the other glitters, this had decent application.  Same type of glitter as in the above polish.  This one looked kind of pretty on its own, as well as being useful as a potential topcoat.

  Peach Glitter (pinky) - Slightly more peach version of the ivory glitter from the middle finger.

Indoors, Artificial Light
  Overall: The pink set contained some nice polishes as well.  My favorites are the medium pink shimmer and the ivory and pink glitters.  The other two may get some use as well.

  All in all, these are cute little sets for the $5 price tag - I liked the bottles (and the little charms), and there are some decent polishes in here as well.  Would be a great polish gift for somebody younger, or for yourself if you are a big fan of Hello Kitty or really cute things, haha.  These can be found at Target! :)


  1. The first pictures really make me think of skittles, I wnder if they also tatse like the rainbow, but okay, I won't try ^^
    Nice manicure, it must be great for brighter days!! :)

  2. those are really cute.. i found a hello kitty polish and i was also attracted by the polish bottle but the polish is for kid..LOL i still grab it

  3. Lolaa - they do look kind of like Skittles don't they? Yummy!

    Thriszha - Glad to know I am not the only one that picks up kiddie polishes because of the cute bottles! :)

  4. i am a hello kitty fanatic and my friend got me the pink set for my bbirthday :)