Thursday, December 23, 2010

Party Hearty!

  Yesterday, I tried to do a Christmas water marble.  I tried three reds, three greens, and three silvers, all in different combos, and could not get anything to work right. Then after the frustration of the failed water marble, I knocked over a bottle of red polish when reaching for the phone and it went everywhere.  Needless to say, not the most relaxing polish I've ever done.... so I decided to whip out something easy but really fun instead! :)

Outdoors, partial shade, no flash
  This is one coat of Zoya Trixie followed by four coats of China Glaze Party Hearty.  I thought the from other blogs I had seen this glitter was a bit more opaque than this, achieving a similar look after only two coats.  And I wasn't doing super thin coats either...?  Oh well, adding a couple of extra coats was a minor inconvienince.  This is the perfect Christmas glitter - I love it!  It was great for the party I went to last night.

  Now I need to decide what I am doing to my nails tomorrow for Christmas!  I still have so many holiday ideas I didn't get around to using, I have no idea how I will decide! :)


  1. I still want this polish so bad for Christmas! Not gonna happen, haha, but I just neeeed to get my hands on this soon :)

  2. It is a really gorgeous polish! Maybe next Christmas. ;)

  3. Gorgeous! I've gotten so many complements on this. :)

  4. I love all the Christmas nails, but this is one of my favorites.