Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zoya Nyx

  Hey guys!  Sorry for my absence the past week, I had an exam that was supposed to be last week and then got moved to Monday after we got snowed in, and overall it's just been a crazy week.  Today is our fourth snow day out of the last five weekdays, it's crazy!  That is the nice thing about still being school - even medical students get snow days!

Outdoors, shade
  Today I wanted to share with you Zoya Nyx from the Pixie Dust collection.  This is a periwinkle blue with silver glitter in a matte, textured finish.  It applied nicely and took three coats for full opacity.  Like the OPI textured polishes, this doesn't really feel all that rough when it is dry like you might expect it to.  I wore it for several days and didn't have a problem with chipping either, which I was a bit concerned about.  I didn't try this one with top coat yet but I am sure I will wear it again and might give that a go.

Indoors, light box
  I wasn't too sure about the textured trend when it started but I am really loving it now.  I didn't get any more of the Pixie Dust polishes but I might have to consider picking up a few more.  I am excited to see how this trend evolves over the year!


  1. Very pretty. It really does look like pixie dust should!!

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