Thursday, January 20, 2011

Caught in a Bad Romance

  Okay every time I see this polish that song gets stuck in my head.  Which is fine with me because (a) the polish is beautiful and (b) I am a big fan of the song.  Although I am not sure how Dan feels about it, since he is the one that has to put up with me walking around the house singing it at the top of my lungs, haha.

Indoors, natural light, no flash
  Deborah Lippman Bad Romance is another of her gorgeous glitters from 2010, with small and large hex purple glitter in a black jelly base.  This polish is seriously amazing, the jelly base gives it a lot of depth and I love the color combo!  I am fairly sure this was three coats (I should really write this down from now on...) and application was very easy; as with most chunky glitters, just give each coat a minute to dry so you do not push the hex glitter around too much.  Wear was very nice, just a bit of tip wear and removal was not nearly as bad as other glitters (most likely because of the jelly base).  Overall I just really loved this one!

  Also, a quick update - all items for the giveaway have been purchased and are on their way, so it should be up sometime in the next week! :)


  1. Rah rah ah ah ah, roma roma ma mah, ga ga oo la la!

  2. ^ Want your bad romance.

    Ahhh now I'm gonna start singing too. LOL.

  3. This is AWESOME. Purple and black. My faves. If they threw some green in it would make me even happier :) Nice!