Friday, January 21, 2011

New Blog Layout - And Kitty Photoshoot!

  I have been thinking about setting up a new blog layout for awhile now - and I was finally compelled to do so!  This morning while my previous template was temporarily out of service, I went fishing for another one, and came up with this!  I have a few questions for you all about the layout -

  Do you like the new template, or did you prefer the old version?

  Do you like this font/text color?  Would you prefer something more basic?

  Would you rather have the giveaways on the sidebar (as current) or on their own page (as they were over the Holidays)?

  You may also notice that there is a new header!  I wanted to share a few "outtakes" from Luna's Polishology photoshoot!

"Let me just see if I can cram this down in here..."
"Yep, got it!"
Polish snack...
This is when I got concerned for the safety of the polish (and Luna, of course)
"Really, I have to keep playing?  This enemy has been defeated"
Luna heard some birds outside...
... and our photoshoot was soon over.
   Hope you enjoyed the kitty photos!  Sorry no pictures of Leo this time, he does not cooperate at all with things like this, haha.  Let me know what you think of the new design!


  1. Your cat is sooo pretty! I love her patterns! :)

    I like what you did to your new layout, its your blog you do what you want. :) If you like it leave it, its all up to you. :)

  2. Your cat is Gorgeous! Shes SO PRETTY! I love the new layout and the new font! Keep it!

  3. Wow what a striking cat! She is just so pretty! And I love the pattern of her coat!

    I actually love the page like this :D But I agree with MissMidnightBlue, however you like it is fine! Nice font, too!

  4. Love the new layout. The text color is great. The different font will take some getting used to, but it looks good. And that header photo is perfect. Luna is beautiful.

  5. So Cute! We have the same font on our sites :) I like the new colors and background a lot lot lot. Keep the giveaways on the left.

    Love it!

  6. Your cat has the biggest and the cutest eyes ever! =) Nice layout=)

  7. i definitely love the new layout, very cute!

  8. i love ur old lay out but i really love ur new lay out also, and ur cat is sooooooo cute!

  9. I really like your new layout, and the new header, they look so nice together :) I also like the font, it's really cute and original. Your cat is beautiful BTW :)

  10. Thanks for all of the helpful comments, I will keep the layout as is for now! And Luna really is a pretty girl, she thanks you for your compliments as well. ;)

  11. I noticed the new layout earlier, and am glad you posted extra pictures! Your kitty is just gorgeous.

  12. Love the layout and you have the most gorgeous cat! Her rosettes are perfect! What breed is she?

  13. Thanks! She and Leo are both Bengals. She is a silver charcoal spotted and he is a traditional brown spotted. They really are gorgeous babies. :)

  14. i love new look :-)
    luna looks awesome :-)

  15. ohh my gosh ! your cat is amazing and very cute ...
    I love polishes and kitties ... I loved all these pics!!

  16. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new layout and fonts, so cute! And the cat pictures are adorable, your kitty header pictures are hands down my favorite blog header anywhere :) Thanks for posting the outtakes!

  17. Thanks, I am glad yo9u guys enjoyed the pictures! Luna is a cutie. :)