Sunday, January 23, 2011

Feeling Blue

  A few days ago I was feeling blue - in a good way!  I looked through my stash of blue polishes and was drawn to one I hadn't worn yet, Ulta Blue Streak

Indoors, natural light
   Blue Streak is a medium blue creme.  It applied very smoothly, with two coats giving full coverage.  I love this polish!  It seems like almost all of my other blues are either kind of pastel, very bright or very dark.. this is a really nice "true" medium blue.  A great addition to my collection.  I really liked the formula as well, this is only the second Ulta polish I have worn and they are very nice.  On top of the blue I added a houndstooth pattern using Konad m63 and Konad Special White.  This was a really fun manicure! :)